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11 years ago

Hey guys, such great info. Mike may I say you said it right when you mentioned that we live in a theocracy. Those were my very thoughts recently. I would like to add that my freethinking really started when I became interested in Beethoven’s music. It was not enough to listen to this wonder, I had to play this music. I started with the Beatles and also at the same time with what my parents were listening to. My father loved Beethoven, my mother loved Tino Rossi. I moved on to Led Zepplin, Yes, Black Sabbath all of the seventies bands. I stopped listening to radio right around the start of the eighties and simply listened to my favorites which were narrowed down to Yes,… Read more »

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

I like the link between Jim Jones and the Obombanation. I know Democrats (and their non-Amerikan disciples) here in The Land of the Sinking Sun, that will continue ass-linking their Teleprompter Messiah till death do them part. Comical, but also sad. Back in the ’70s, Bob Barker told me to Come on Down (to California) because the price was right. Fast forward to today, and California, and the rest of your pathetic nation (not that my nation is any better) is overvalued and becoming more and more of a toxic shithole. Mike, you keep mentioning Slayer. In my mind, they are one of Amerika’s best bands because their songs reflect these sick times like few others. Because most of us are dumbed down beyond redemption,… Read more »

11 years ago

Jan Irvin is spot on IMO. His word regarding mushrooms and “Manufacturing the Deadhead” is exactly what’s needed at this time, and he’s not afraid to call out the Jews.

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

Irvin has done a lot of great work at his site. Manufacturing the Deadhead is just the latest example. And as you say, James, he ain’t afraid of mentioning the people we’re not supposed to mention.

Unlike Irvin’s kosher-certified buddy James Corbett (who also interviews him, and in yet another one, that Oracle founder) he promotes One Third of the Holocaust, and its derivatives, and Chris Bollyn’s Israel-Did-9/11 books. As far as I know, Irvin is also the last guy to interview Eustace Mullins.

I suppose Irvin loses some points, though, in Renegade eyes, for his association with everyone’s favorite punching bag, Bob Tuskin (he does, however, like John Kaminski, gets the HIV/AIDS hoax).

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