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10 years ago

Thanks Dana, this network is going from strength to strength.

10 years ago


I always gleen so much good information from your shows which are so thoughtfully prepared. Keep up the excellent work!


Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

appreciate it brother!

10 years ago

Despite all the retarded theories about no planes and space beams 911 is a pretty easy case to crack. It’s not possible for buildings to crumble to dust after being hit by an airplane, so it must’ve been wired with explosives. 200 Israelis posing as art students arrested before and on 911, five dancing Israelis caught with traces of explosives in their van, Urban Moving Systems (Israeli front organization that abandoned it’s warehouse right after, bomb building material, traces of explosives found again), security companies at the WTC which would have to be complicit – all owned by Jews. So it’s obvious that Jews wired them up and brought them down. You can’t possibly be entertaining the notion that it might’ve been Muslims? Anyways, good… Read more »

Reply to  Ben
10 years ago

The “Space beam” & other related terms are used to attack Dr. Judy Wood. Her research is NOT about the garbage her opponents claim it is about. They misrepresent her research because they can’t undercut it any other way.

Reply to  Bill Rhyes
10 years ago

The problem with “beam theory” and most other aspects is that they are unnecessary, for now.

The obvious Controlled Demolition of WTC-7 is the SMOKING GUN of 911 — More than enough prima facie evidence to justify Grand Juries, Indictments, and Trials [in an honest society].

To focus on anything else leads to argumentation. It is obfuscation, whether intended or not.

Anyone who cannot see the obvious in WTC-7’s collapse should be ignored, for now.

Reply to  Bob in DC
10 years ago

Exactly. Who has time to read her huge book or even understand it? The only thing that is important is that they didn’t come done by planes like they claim. Now we just need to focus on who did it. Who cares exactly how it was done, we’ll probably never know anyways.

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