Insights from an Observer 6-12-14


Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss the hacking incident of our site, and how to avoid burnout in the movement, and in our private lives. Also, I will discuss why I have always pushed myself so hard in my life, and why I am compelled to continue. As always, your calls are welcomed and encouraged.

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9 years ago

Self care is indeed important. Getting something done is 95% about preparing yourself mentally/physically.

I think back to my school days. Take a 6pg essay. Force yourself to do it… work your hardest through 2 full days forcing yourself to work… you might pass.

Spend a few days doing your own thing, eat right, and jump on it when you feel your best. 2hrs later it’s done, 100%.

Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

Living healthy (good food and working out) and having a couple of crazy hobbies will save you from a burnout.

9 years ago

Absolutely awesome. Straight from the heart. You certainly have a quick mind and agile verbal skills to express yourself so accurately and succinctly spontaneously.
Like you I understand about trying to make up for lost time. I wish I had been active in the movement when I was younger. On the other hand you learn by your mistakes and it is good to know how the unawakened people think.

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