Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 6-11-14


Richard Edmonds has been a White Nationalist for 40 years..

Paul and Richard discuss:

The case for Holocaust Revisionism, the 6 million figure, and Freedom of Speech.

Richard Edmonds speaking at a Symposium organised by The Danish Society for Free Historical Research 2006

Richard Edmonds and other well wishers during Ernst Zundles release from prison 2010

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10 years ago

The ‘holocaust’ is just another conspiracy theory.

10 years ago

This was a fantastic episode! The guest was incredible, very sharp, and very informative! Paul did an unbelievable job in both research, and interviewing the guest.

As someone with German blood, I thank you Paul for making this episode and exposing the truth!

10 years ago

Paul maybe you do an episode to explain the difference in census records pre and post war.

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

It is so very important that people who still have free speech talk about the holocaust.

A big thank you to paul Hickman and Richard Edmonds.

Reply to  Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

The ‘holocaust’ is just another conspiracy theory.

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