Militia Intelligence Report: Shadow Government Stagecraft (11-28-16)


chris lays out how the Jewish controlled deep state utilizes overt lies and obfuscation to  terrorize a thoroughly confused population. Topics include mustering the militia at AIPAC, the orchestrated Ohio State “assault” the election recount, Pizzagate and the Kushner family power over Donald Trump.  chris hears from callers including David Dautrive.

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7 years ago

The hooker hired by New Jersey real-estate tycoon Charles Kushner to carry out the steamy videotaped seduction of a key tax-fraud witness against him is cooperating with federal authorities, The Post has learned.

7 years ago

Many thanks to David Dautrive, Ziggy Kelleher, and Chris H for their excellent analysis on this week’s intelligence report.

David Dauterive
7 years ago

I guess this episode really provoked folks into thinking long and hard about the meaning of put up or shut up. Come on good people, I would rather see you PUT UP than SHUT UP. PUT UP a fight or perish in time. The choice is yours.

ziggy kelleher
7 years ago

Good Show. Mnechin’s Father was also an employee of Goldman Sachs.
AIPAC is a bribe or destroy agency. The American government was for sale and sold cheap because we pay the bills.AIPAC is a parasite that is unaware it is killing it’s host.A definite no-no among parasites.
They are also intent on giving a public destruction to any critics,aided by their own press machine.I think many politicians who have taken bribes has no respect for the AIPAC members’ Ferengi-Golem like personality.Get up ,Stand up and join the protest.

7 years ago

Those tough talking militia guys are all talk and no action. Besides, militias swarm with feds,especially after Oklahoma bombings. If you want no trouble, keep away

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