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free your mind
7 years ago

What I find so utterly bizarre is the Freemason Luciferians and networked Satanists, are the supposed antithesis of Yahweh. But Yahweh was a psychopath. So if Yahweh is a psychopath, and the Luciferians & Satanists are rebelling against Yahweh, logic dictates the Goathead crowd should embrace all that is good, wise, and conscious.
This would all be hilariously funny if not so painful. I know this physical realm of energy is not the only game in the Cosmos. I think it is important to free oneself from all Matrix Religions. You don’t have to come back here, ever again.

Samuel Hoidel
7 years ago

Your discussion of Biden reminded me of something.
At least he is open about it, Molesta, Cunton and their likes have yet to show such “””””decency”””””.

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