The New Guard: The Rise of the Normies (4-29-16)


Masif Fayget speaks about the growth of authoritarian ideas in the battle over what is taught on the college campuses and contrasts this with the scourge of transgenderism being pushed on our children. In the second hour he addresses the problems of third world migration and useful rhetoric to use on those who are not yet ready to accept the current state of the world.

American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children

Gender Ideology Harms Children

More of his work can be found at: The Australian Patriarchy YouTube Page (

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8 years ago

The handle you use is a bit offputting, but a listenable monologue. Your handle on ideas and ability to articulate them shows potential. As an Australian listener I hope you will chime in from time to time.

8 years ago

Really enjoying your shows. Not sure why you call yourself a fsgot though lol

Steven Werner
8 years ago

I’ve really enjoyed your shows. I hope to hear more.

Does anyone know what the music is at 29:00? I hear so much good music on hear. Renegade should consider posting the songs in the program description.

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