Perversity, Pornography, and Pedophilia (8-11-14)


Kyle gets on air to discuss what American children are learning in school.

Mentioned in the show: Common Core Social Justice Indoctrination, Barack Obama Says Sex Ed for Kindergartners is “The Right Thing to Do”, Child Pornography in the Classroom

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9 years ago

Those Abnormal Anti-White people are organized and have worked their way into positions of authority over most Whites . In some ways it could be good that they show more of their agenda to more whites , It might motivate more whites to separate sooner than they would have but at the cost of corrupting & the degrading of our young Whites & white hybrids. It truly is an abnormal sick society that would allow abnormal people to control things with the results of what is happening today because of the abnormal anti-Whites control of everything in our lives. Apparently that is what about 33% of the adult voting population want to happen & vote for. Its kind of scary that 1 out of 3… Read more »

Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

This was a disturbing topic…

If our people do not put a stop to this crap, I fear for what will come to pass in the next 10 to 25 years.

9 years ago

@Alexander Nothing is what will happen. They want to suspend human relations and create a mockery of nature. Pardon my drama. We must find a way to delineate our people from their belief that the herd equates a moral highground. 9/10 will buy into this garbage and become permanently mentally disfigured, rather than risk ridicule and call it as it is: poignantly absurd. @Mr. Hunt: my hat’s off to you for touching this with the ten foot pole. It’s everywhere, and maybe not always that bad, but still. In my College there is softcore paedophila protected, under the guise of “historical ambiguity” and “scholarly objectivity,” of course. (Done through the safety valve of questionable Greek behaviour with debatable universality.) And still more ironic, historical foreshadowing… Read more »

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