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9 years ago

Sheeit, Andrew, don’t you know weaves cost a pretty penny?

Reply to  BlutundBoden
9 years ago

I just did a search and it looks like it runs around $100-$300 to have a weave done. So much for the “white man” holding them down, they spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year just to make their hair look KIND OF like a white persons hair.

Jorge A. Gracia
9 years ago

Do you think ISIS is controlled by Israel Drew? That’s what I wanted to ask but could not because I had to go to sleep

Reply to  Jorge A. Gracia
9 years ago

I don’t know for certain who’s backing ISIS because I haven’t looked into that much, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel/US is backing them so that they can send more troops into Iraq again.

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