Radio Wehrwolf: News from the Jews (8-26-15)


Tonight Dion will be discussing the Traitor Glenn Miller trial, and going a little into his background. Then he will go into the very recent live broadcasted shooting in Virginia. Also the Pope says European countries refusing immigrants is “an act of war”.

Callers will be welcomed.

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8 years ago

Hi Dion, Question: Are you mentally trapped into believing the TV? You know, we’ve sure been having a lot of “shootings” lately – haven’t we? Any chance that “someone” might have an interest in staging those things? Do you “believe” that Glen Miller actually shot anyone? Do you? Are you aware that it is perfectly legal for the FBI to construct entirely fake court cases complete with totally fictional (or with actors) defendants? Are you aware of the the David P. Khoury case in Philadelphia? They faked a court case to get a couple of judges off the bench. Now, you seem like a nice and well-meaning guy. Are you going to take the position that the TEE VEEE Narratives are “real” and “true”… Read more »

8 years ago

OK Dion….all you did was basically regurgitate the jewish media’s version of events.

So tell me – why should we listen to you read directly from jewish media sources – as thought it’s “true” or something?

Is what you regurgitated “true”?

Where is your investigation? Your analysis?

So did the jews stop lying once the holyhoax was over with?

Did they stop lying and we can form out ideas about the world based on their narratives?

Well gee- I might as well listen to what anglin says then. Or any of the various government operatives that totally infest the alt media.

I guess if it’s on the TEEE VEEE – then it’s true.

Is that right?

8 years ago

Thank you for the criticism Pat. I will try harder to get my point across next time.

8 years ago

You’re quick to spout off at the mouth Pat without offering your own proven analysis. Why don’t you join us on one of the shows. You’re welcome on mine any time. I’d love to hear your take on it. So you believe that many of these things are staged. Yet you show no proof yourself. I’m not saying necessarily that some of these are not staged, but that’s not my point. You scream high and bloody murder at people here, yet you have nothing yourself. Come on the show with me and discuss it. I welcome you. Next show is on Thursday 27th at 10PM if you’re in the States. Friday 28th at 12 PM if you’re in Australia. I see you always throwing out… Read more »

8 years ago

Bravo Shaun! Pat – the gauntlet is down! Time to ACTUALLY man up and come out from the shadows that you continually shout from and yes, abuse people from. You always have something to say albeit always in a very confrontational way. Now the challenge is in! Will you step up to the plate like a REAL man? Or will you back down like the little keyboard warrior you appear to be? If you know so much let’s hear it on a broadcast instead of the wimpy sniping attacks on people you’ve been typing in the comments for way too long now. What are you really made of of? Is all that typing just hot air or are you actually willing to back it up?… Read more »

8 years ago

(Sound of whistling wind as tumbleweeds roll clumsily past…………)

8 years ago

Yeah, exactly Mary. I’m just going to have to chalk this one up to “keyboard commando”.

8 years ago

Sorry Pattom, I wasn’t trained by the United States Air Force in intelligence operations. So maybe I’m not as smart as you are. I can only go by what I find on Joogle, or by my own life experience. First of all, Traitor Glenn Miller is a scumbag that will sell anyone out to save himself. Once you realize that FACT, everything else is pure entertainment. Don’t care about the Psyops. Anyone who would even try to justify Miller’s actions is suspect. I’m not just talking about the recent shootings, but Millers actions in the last 30 years. Second, as a US citizen I’m not too worried about being disarmed. I know the gun-grabbers come out after every event like this. Do you know what… Read more »

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