Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (8-25-15)


On this edition of TCTA:

Some great talking points made by Pat Privilege here on Renegade Broadcasting
David “4th Dimensional” Icke’s information VS “Jew Wife Jones” lies
Discussing “Jew Wife Jones” calling Duke a Big Bad Wolf

And much more as usual…

Join in on the conversation at (347) 6339657 here on Renegade Broadcasting..

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8 years ago

Both models in the Interracial Naked Art Photography youtube video are pros. The URL for the porn site is embedded in the video. According to the site, the girl’s name is Emily, she is 19, from the Ukraine and “Eager for it”. She looks younger in the youtube video. They probably uploaded the audition from when she was initiated into this trash.

If you can stomach it, upon scrolling down there are thumbnails of the same footage as what is posted to youtube. To get this filth removed, we should bombard youtube by flagging the video and pointing out what it is: an advertisement for a porn site.

8 years ago

Thanks for the information. I couldn’t get myself to check the website out, knowing that there would be something there that may incur changes to my computer screen. I had a feeling she would be of age, but the whole point was that they picked somebody that looked young. So not only were they sending the message of black on white interracial sex, but at the same time a cuckold older guy with a young girl sex type message, if you catch my drift. Allow me to make it known too, that I am not at all against teenagers having sex, because it’s actually natural for them to want to do so and sooner or later they will find each other and start experimenting. This… Read more »

8 years ago

This is the same slut walking around jew york city with her tits out, is it not?:

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