Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 11-15-13

EPISODE XXVI: Sieg oder Bolschewismus!

It has been one year in the fray for the host; and an eternity of abuse it seems by the Yiddish media to make sure our people are made last-class citizens in their own countries.

Join Siegfried for a broadcast dealing with: predictions, political theorizing and planning, demographic stability in the USA and in the world, the Jewish Media Behemoth; broken down and the degree of energy squandering explored, the Hero Generation?, and Ragnarok Now Religion.

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10 years ago

Victory-Peace, what a name. Traditional German names are awesome. Siegher is another good one. Victory-Army.

Adolfa or Adolfine are the female form of Adolf (Adel-Wolf, noble/royal wolf). A hint for expecting parents of a girl!

10 years ago

Totally agree with Jeff from Idaho. We need to be as loud as possible. No lie and no crime from our enemies should go without us blaring our Truth sirens. We need to be out there as shining beacons of hope and strength for our people, not hiding like miserable, paranoid cowards. Did the NSDAP hide quietly in the woods and let the Jews take over Germany? I don’t think so.

Reply to  Maynard
10 years ago

I don’t know if you guys know this, but the Horst Wessel song was sung all over Europe with varying lyrics and is sung today by the Golden Dawn with Greek lyrics. May a skilled American come up with a US version to make the message clear! From Wikipedia: During the 1930s and ’40s, the Horst-Wessel-Lied was adapted by fascist groups in other European countries. One of the marching songs of the British Union of Fascists was set to the same tune, and its lyrics were to some extent modelled on the Horst-Wessel-Lied, though appealing to British Fascism. Its opening stanza was: Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions, Of those who fell, that Britain might be great, Join in our song, for they still… Read more »

10 years ago

Of course we need to spread the word! it’s just that the thing has to be done with some sensibility, and what’s the internet good for? It’s a way of making politics without being a politician. Creating our own society within the society is a good thing too.

10 years ago

Hello Siegfried,

Your vision is clear. Your last caller Jeff had a few good points of which the essence is: coming together. This I would wholehaertedly support.
For you people in the US to make an action plan would be a good thing because time is running fast. And eventually team up with European groups. We will do our best.

10 years ago

Jeff is right. I have been listening for about 6 months while deployed. Every time I hear Jeff, I wish we could sit around a fire and drink some beers. Since my awakening about a year ago, I have been quiet about my beliefs. I just talked to my closest friends about it since I returned to the states. I was going to try to “wake” him up. Low and behold he was already thinking the same shit. Not well researched like I was about the jew and his history, but his racial instincts had already snapped into action. My point is the same as Jeff’s. Be loud and proud because you never know who is thinking along the same lines. When you find those… Read more »

10 years ago

You were right Sieg with the last caller, politics is completley controlled and money is the heart of the problem. If you look through history the problems started when the europeans moved away from barter and adopted a talmudic money system. As for tactics for fighting the enemy, we only need to look to who is resisting them ie the palestinians and martyrdom is central to their struggle. This concept of martyrs wasnt always foreign to our people and serves many purposes, making a loud statement and drawing a clear line between us and our enemy for all to see.

Reply to  richard
10 years ago

You’re absolutely right, money was supposed to be only a tool to make comercial transactions more practical for people, like not having to drag a cow to the market to change for some sacks of cereals or what have you, not a tool of usury. And the bartering system worked just fine at a local level.
The concept of warrior-martyrdrom is quite universal and like many other things was co-opted by christianity but we need people alive! we have more than enough dead batallions marching with us in gueist, we need them as a alive as possible, and in preference not in prison too!!

10 years ago

Bonjour, j’avou que c’est une découverte pour moi, alors merci d’avoir partagé l’info 🙂

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