Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 5-31-13

Taking a break from all things cerebral and intensely intellectual, Siegfried returns to the air for a knight of rants, perhaps some of Siegfried’s own writings, medieval music and hopefully, your calls as well.  Nothing is safe from the attack! BYOB

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John Sholtes
11 years ago

A body of 25 year old Brittany Jane Royal was found in the water right in front of where the lava reaches the ocean in Kalapana. An autopsy determined that she was strangled. A recently arrived visitor from California who was visiting the Puna area. This is just one news item in todays paper which also has a small story about a Alaskan man who is missing. Boaz D Johnson 22 years old with brown hair and blue eyes. There are hundreds of cases like these every year on the Big Island alone and most never even get any news attention at all unless there are family members who do the effort. Then the useless Hawaiian Police department never investigates any of the cases either.… Read more »

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