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10 years ago

MOTIVATION TO QUIT SMOKING AND DRINKING. (plus perhaps become vegan/vegetarian (Veggie-Aryan), meatless) I totally agree with Hitler’s views on smoking, drinking and eating. Hitler loved animals, espoused vegetarianism and was vehemently opposed to smoking. I will be calling in to discuss this topic. This is very important because much of the white scene’s behavior is against Hitler’s views. Many in the white movement are on the wrong side of the issues of smoking and drinking. The first two links are obviously written by anti-Hitler people, so excuse the bias in the wording. —– In contrast to Churchill, Hitler hated smoking, and went to great efforts to stamp the habit out, including: raising taxes banning smoking in some public places calling for a ban on… Read more »

10 years ago

Why not just take the night off rather than kill time on air?

Mike Sledge
10 years ago

1. If you don’t want to drink or smoke then that is your choice. Becoming a social asshole and acting like Mayor Bloomturd is not pro-white either. One needs to have the freedom to consume or ingest or not to consume or not to ingest as the individual sees fit. If you plan on regulating what people consume or eat based only upon your beliefs than you are no better than the JEWS or any other various control freaks who wish to control our ability to enjoy life and its pleasures. If this is what you call pro-white, then I would choose to call it pro-jew, because you seek to keep society trapped in your box of lifestyle choice based upon your own DOGMA! I… Read more »

Reply to  Mike Sledge
10 years ago

Mike: Only about the first 20 minutes, then skipped through the rest just to check if anything interesting was discussed.

You said you didn’t want to do the show, but did it anyway. It’s not your network so let Kyle/Lugh take the rap for a missed show.

Reply to  Mark
10 years ago

Hey man, taking the rap for missing a show? You gotta be kidding me. Seriously, you’re joking, right? Otherwise GTFO. ~Kyle

Smoking is Retarded
10 years ago

To Mike Sledge: By you saying people that ban smoking are Jews,
you are saying Hitler was a Jew for being the first to ban smoking!

What is the point of an “aryan country” if it’s going to be alcoholics…

Cigarettes contain:

Methonal (rocket fuel),
Ammonia (toilet cleaner),
Methane (sewer gas),
Cadium (battery acid),
Butane (lighter fluid),
Nicotine (insect spray),
Arsenic (lethal poison),
Carbon Monoxide,

and more!

Images with the ingridients in cigarettes:

That’s enjoying life? haha…

Smokers offend non-smokers by blowing their smoke into other people’s bodies.
Second hand smoke, or as Hitler called it Passive Smoking.
Therefore non-smokers should be able to spit and piss in smokers faces!

10 years ago

Let’s outlaw cars! They pollute more than anything. They stink. They blow fumes in the faces of people walking on sidewalks. Refining oil pollutes. Didn’t see any comments on any of that here. It is most likely what has been added to &/or used to fertilize tobacco that is what is bad. The Egyptians brewed beer. Wine has been drank for thousands of years. The evidence is overwhelming for eating meat as being positive. Since we have starting farming, man has never been healthy. Furthermore, Hitler wasn’t perfect. He also suffered from hardening of the arteries which is supposedly something that meat contributes to. Nor did they know all we know today about these topics. Do I have to do a show on this stuff… Read more »

Reply to  David in Texas
10 years ago

Non-smokers who bitch all of the time about smoking piss me off. Go tell whites in Europe what you think about it. It is far less restrictive there than here. Especially in Russia. What habit(s) do you* have that I don’t like? (Aside from complaining.) Maybe we should outlaw that. *anyone above that’s bitching about these issues.

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

Did Hitler ban smoking? or just say its not to be encouraged?

Reply to  Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

” The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign comprised many activities such as – raising the tobacco tax, organizing medical lectures for soldiers, restraining cigarette supplies in the Wehrmacht, promoting health education, spreading awareness on harmful effects of smoking, and banning smoking in city trains, buses and trams. The movement banned smoking in coffeehouses and restaurants; controlled smoking in public spaces; and imposed restrictions on tobacco advertising.”

So pretty much like current law in most US states, minus the utterly insane ban on smoking in bars.

10 years ago

The southern model was a step towards today. There will always be some part of the White people which will anthropomorphize Blacks as White people. The course this took here went from “they shouldn’t be held captive as laboring beasts” to “they should not be denied the rights held by Whites” to “they should all have special claims not held by all Whites” to today’s “they should not be lacking anything Whites have, regardless of their actions” The presence of non-Whites will increase crime suffered by Whites. The presence of non-Whites will bring mixed spawn, and this is devolution from the point of view of one who prefers the White race, and over generations this gene-hijacking, this destruction of the White genetic stock, will increase… Read more »

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