Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 9-27-13

Episode XX: Hyperborean Entitlement

Instead of talking about what makes Europids so great, we’ll be discussing what makes them such great modern slaves.  The aryan in the information age is but a slave; why and how did this happen? What exactly does the host hate so much about the white people of today?

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10 years ago

Great show… some fantastic fresh points and insights brought to the table, Bob was a great call in… sure I might not be a fan of the kike, nor most of our negroid-ed neighbors, but nothing makes me sicker in the stomach than a flimsy, worthless, subhuman, self hating balless WHITE

10 years ago

Sieg. I am glad you went ahead and did a show. I agree with your perspectives and you discuss things from a unique position not heard often. Good job with the “men” at the end – thought there just might be fireworks. 🙂

10 years ago

Thamks Siegfried

10 years ago

when Bob/WWS said “i’m a fucking fascist, i don’t have to show respect to anyone” i was rolling on the ground with laughter…all in good fun though brothers

Reply to  Antiochus
10 years ago

Yes. It is clear that wws does not respect anybody. Every show that wws calls into becomes the wws show with his nonstop blathering. Jeff from Idaho is the most refreshing caller I’ve heard in some time. The young man sounds like he’s got some balls and is willing and able to do something for his race. I can’t say the same for the naysaying wws and other old talkers who criticize Jeff’s ideas and are O’ so concerned about what the big bad Jew is going to do to us. Am I being disrespectful? I’m sorry that’s just the fascist in me.

Governor of Moon
Reply to  RiseOfNations
10 years ago

WWS loves to hijack broadcasts to spew his proto-anarchist doomsday propaganda, that’s for sure.

10 years ago

What is needed is a political movement, not a political party!

10 years ago

Great show Sieg. I never expect anything less.

10 years ago

Great show Sinead and Heks! I love hearing the men of Renegade, but it was a pleasant surprise being able to relate to other Aryan women, and hearing your perspectives. Keep up the great work!

10 years ago

Great hearing from caller Jeff from Idaho, a young cat who gets it.

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