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10 years ago

Dear Mike, Just wanted to say I was not knockin the South brother when I said the South is terrible! Hope you know that man! I meant the cities of course! full of animals that will mob you and kill you and the two other white people at the bus station! If I was rich Rural Alabama would be where I had a second home! Pine trees, Confederate flags, and pleasant breezes through the hills! Love the old rural White South! Just hate this new groid dominated South! My greyhound bus trip through the New South over a three day odyssey stopping every time in the worst parts in the worst cities could fill a Hunter S. Thomspon – Esque Novellette! Seriously I have thought… Read more »

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

Toward the end of the program you address the question of what can be done to prevent jew subversion of White nationalism. A central pillar of your thesis is that we must not be enticed into “acting like jews” (i.e. advocate genocide). You go further to add that we should shun anyone who has accepted jewish money. I hate to break it to you, Mike, but the only money in circulation at this time is jewish money, so you’re throwing the baby out with the bath water. The only thing we own exclusively, and must control exclusively is the circulation of Aryan genes, therefore the first step is to define scientifically what Aryan genes are and screen party leadership accordingly. This will correctly be decried… Read more »

10 years ago

Excellent show Mike! I have to say that I agree with everything you say. We must think almost exactly alike. I wrote this essay today and thought you might like to read it.

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

An interesting hypothesis regarding the correct definition of Aryan genes is coming from Mr. and Mrs. Varg Vikerness who are suggesting that the defining ingredient of Aryanism is determined by Neanderthal DNA. If Aryans come to be defined as quintessentially Neanderthal, we will have a new scientific paradigm by which to screen prospective leaders. The global distribution of genes will be seen more from a polar perspective with East/West antipathies falling away and Northeast coming to be recognized as our closest Neanderthal relatives. Consider the following excerpt from Wyoming Wildlife, November 1998, p. 10 “Farther south where the continents are separated by thousands of miles of ocean, the fauna of the New World and the Old are quite different, but in the north, land bridges… Read more »

Return of Tyr
10 years ago

Here’s the video of the Rabbi that Mike was playing on the show:

The original uploader is EvilFoundNation (also a chatter here at Renegade)

Be sure to check out his channel, he’s got alot of nice short clips of things I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Reply to  Return of Tyr
10 years ago

Nice pne mate- thanks for that as I was looking for the source. Intriguing show Mike.

10 years ago

Just a few of the charges Sledge has made against nationalists/nationalism with no real evidence to back them up: Tom Metzger and David Duke are Jews or controlled by Jews because they operated in Hollywood. Alex Linder is a Jew because his name sounds like “Lender’s Bagels.” George Lincoln Rockwell was somehow affiliated with Jews because his father worked in Hollywood. Matt Hale was controlled by Jews because Alan Dershowitz offered to be his lawyer. Neo-nazi groups were all started by Zionists because you read it off an article on the internet. Ben Klassen was “born to a Jewish family,” again, random article on the internet. People who talk about hating our enemies are Jews trying to subvert the movement because…a Rabbi says hate in… Read more »

Reply to  Ben G.
10 years ago

Dear Ben G. Humourous name by the way! truly it gave me a short laugh and I am not trying to be an ass by writing that! Metzger and Duke. Well Tom Metzger was on Mike’s show and they got along quite well but at the same time when you consider certain questionable actions such as the charge of donations going to WAR actually going to Morris Dees, Metzger advocating lone wolf and so on . . . to me it seems that Metzger is sincere on a deep level but he is playing a a real life psy-op type game of deception and trickery and basically double-agent shit at times, while also having some true vices and faults trailing him from the past. but… Read more »

Reply to  Konrad Rhodes
10 years ago

Well what about a scenario like what is found in the Turner Diaries. Is that beyond the scope of Aryan sensibilities even if there is no other options left?

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

My first comment has been stuck in moderation for 12 hours now, so I’ll try a redacted version and see if I can get it posted: Mike, You run offense against the jew agenda like a “person of color” on crystal meth for 99 yards and then refuse to cross the racial goal line. I think you need to metabolize Alex Linder’s ultimate bagel: “If we exterminate termites because they destroy the foundations of our houses, how much more lenient should we be in our treatment of jews, who destroy the foundations of our society?” You repeatedly conclude your scathing criticisms of the jew organism with the assertion that if Aryans counter-genocide the jews, we thereby become jews. From a racial perspective, this is pure… Read more »

10 years ago

The portrayal of Rathenau as an earlier incarnation of Jewish subversion of nationalism is problematic. As reported on this show, Rathenau explicitly counseled Jews to abandon their Jewish identity and become Germans – stating that it must not be mere mimicry, but sincere transformation. Going even further, he promoted a change to “Jewish physionomy,” which, unless he was some kind of Lamarkian, means a promotion of diluting Jewish blood with that of Gentiles. No modern Jew anywhere near the mainstream, whether proclaiming to be “nationalist,” or “pro-western,” or rabidly “multi-cultural,” would advocate this, or even fail to condemn it, often with kvetching about the holyhoho and how Jews who intermarry are “continuing the work of Hitler.” It is possible that Rathenau was simply using the… Read more »

Mike Sledge
10 years ago

anti-racism is a code-word for anti-sprite

9 years ago

This is a typed copy of an original letter from Matt Hale, still in prison, dated June 11, 2014. Dear Mr. XXXXX, Thank you for your kind letter of June 4th which I was happy to receive today, as well as your much appreciated and needed support. Please find enclosed an anthem that I have written for all who believe in the Racial Loyalist cause (sheet music and lyrics page). I hope you enjoy it. In regards to your observations concerning the lack of much support that we are receiving the White bloggers and internet sites, if you could contact them and urge them to change that fact, I would be grateful. I’m not sure that everyone knows about my situation or at least the… Read more »

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