The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 2-14-14

Defending Against Mass Neurosis

Keith from Truth Militia joins Kyle to discuss his transformation into his current way of thinking, what he has learned from running a popular site and radio show, the successes and failures of past movements, how we can be proactive instead of reactive, and overcoming the defeatist mindset.

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10 years ago

Great show Kyle with Keith. I have often wonder about Whiggers. Is it a genetic defect thats always been around? Whiggers are an epidemic now—like a infecteous disease. I read an old Willie Martin article about Skitzophrenia being jewish disease–but it is a ainfecteous disease and spreads. Maybe Whiggerism is same. To me most Whiigers will never change and morph into Whites. They love Zog and will die for Zog. Whiggers are the real Zombies in todays world. Best to stay clear of them–because they will be the first ones to get the rope to hang you and pull the trigger on you…. Great show Kuyle…

Reply to  John Thomas
10 years ago

Nah, I think it’s just a white thing to imitate one’s role models. It was a good thing back when the role models were ‘the gods’ and those impersonating them, or when the role models were the nobility(when they weren’t corrupt at least.) These people will be the loyalest of the loyal once we are back in charge.

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

Neurotics take responsibility for things which are beyond their control.

Psychotics refuse to take responsibility for things that are within their control.

Neurotics make themselves miserable.

Psychotics make others miserable.

Neurotics feel guilty.

Psychotics feel persecuted.

White goyim are neurotic slaves.

Jews are their psychotic masters.

Aryans refuse to be either.

Reply to  Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

Nice, im tucking this in a word file.

10 years ago

Dear Sirs, Keith, never thought of you as a red wine snob! If I am ever out to SoCal we should throw a White Nationalist Wine and Cheese mixer. And the Sieg Heil goes to chateau so-so, excellent body and vintage! Its truly the Hitler of California produced red wines! But Seriously I really REALLY liked what you and Rich discussed on the show right before your hiatus in August if I remember right? You guys were discussing communal living. I already have two kids! There are A LOT, and I mean a hell of a lot! of young white people where I live who are married and have kids and already do this! It’s so beautiful to me and I honestly regret deeply that… Read more »

Rich from Truth Militia
Reply to  Konrad Rhodes
10 years ago

What a great show…. Excellent job guys, my wife and I listened this morning and really enjoyed it, especially the 2nd half of the show.

And Konrad… Great comments buddy, very encouraging to see and hear this going on, as my brother and I with both families will be living together!


Reply to  Rich from Truth Militia
10 years ago

Thanks man! I just got to add that that show you did, listening to it, was, seriously, it was synchronistic because I had thought occasionally about that but never really had it hit me that White people have to start doing it. Keith saying on that show, “I mean what the fuck are we all doing here?” Weird maybe but that line is what got me like a bolt of lightning. What are we doing really? What the hell was I doing for five years? making good money and having next to nothing but stuff in a storage closet to show for it now? We could have done a hell of a lot more! and it could have been a much happier time and a… Read more »

Reply to  Rich from Truth Militia
10 years ago

I’m such a selfish asshole! I forgot to write:
Congratulations Rich on your marriage of course and your awaited child! I am sure you already are getting earfuls by the day about fatherhood! Lets just all agree we can’t let it go like our parents and grandparents did if we can help it!

10 years ago

Great show guys! And Kyle, those commercials were hilarious, especially the Spingola one! LMAO!

10 years ago

@Kyle The Spingola Sandy Hook satire by Siegfried or whoever that was doing the voice was the best 30 seconds I’ve heard on any troofer broadcast this year, aside from Sledge’s incomplete recent Henry Kissinger “loveline” bit with Payday Monsanto. The best and most hilarious part of the 30 seconds was the mellow “cool lounge jazz” vibraphone background music mimicking Spingola’s mellow bumpers. Art is in the details. You should take that 30 seconds and put it on your you tube channel by itself. It’s too good to let get lost in the middle of this very long interview. If Spingola ever comes down to reality out of her recent bizarre hallucinations with that blowhard Piper, and realizes how irrational her Sandy Hook 360 is… Read more »

10 years ago

Whiggers? I think it is mearly an unfortunate attempt to be like folks or stylish. Something that sheeple do to be popular with or emulate their peers. Is it a bad habit? In my opinion ;Yes!

10 years ago

its really odd Spingola takes the anti-conspiracy stance about Sandy Hook, i thought she was all into that kind’ve stuff ~ i still support her general position on most things of relevance that we can agree on and i might be airing an old interview she did with someone…i remain agnostic/apathetic on the issue myself and see it as a distraction.

10 years ago

Plenty of food for thought here in this episode. Nice adverts too. Thanks Keith and Kyle.

10 years ago

@Antiochus dis-traction – that which prevents traction When a new PsyOp claiming death-&-destruction turns up on your door-step via the media, and internet sleuths of the more advanced Simon-Shack variety have found reliable methods of identifying the falseness of the imagery infromation transmitted to you by this single most untrustworthy and controlled source in the world, this means that you can throw that particular PsyOp claiming its validity based on fraudulent evidence in the garbage, shit-can it forever along with any fear and trauma conditioning attached to it, and move on with more imporant matters, no longer dis-tracted but GAINING traction. This because there is a respected principle of Roman law called: falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus false in one particular, false in everything.… Read more »

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