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10 years ago

Sunday in Leith ND the NSM will have a pro-Craig Cobb rally.

3pm 22 September 2013.

10 years ago

I just donated 30 bucks to the Roadshow and now the guys have $3,100 exactly.


10 years ago

Wow the back & forth with that caller was GREAT! Entertaining while being a teachable moment for other listeners with the same views. The caller was cool & mainly on board with us & funny to boot.

10 years ago

I had to listen again. The caller is lol funny, interesting & he had some good ideas. The way Sledge played of the caller was great. The guy kept saying he was about to hang up for about a half hour then he asks if Mike has any questions for him.

10 years ago

Mike, another great I hate to say “show” (jews put on shows) but rather “meeting” or “gathering”. Great to hear you remind your listners about John Demjanjuk. At our Freedompalooza annual summer festival in upper Bucks county PA. James Trafficant (also wrote Tax Payers bill of Rights 1998) as is a surviving USS Liberty- Crew Member always a honorary speaker. . “Never forget”, exactly as you stated it’s the precedents that fill their bags of tricks or treachery. Right on about Putin or any other so-called “hero” on a white horse to save the “damsel” white race in distress. They must be constantly re-evaluated, and at the end of the day it is the common man who must get off his ass and do what… Read more »

Reply to  Joe Northpal
10 years ago

You’re getting better at this commenting thing, Joe!

10 years ago

Sledge — great insights into Putin’s Russia. It is amazing our collective “short term memory”. The Bolshevik Revolution was a huge turning point in Jewish power and influence. They became a “super power” with the control of Russia. Now we are to believe they just quietly WALKED AWAY? Sorry. Putin is a FOIL. This is my opinion — Let’s not forget the Christian Zionists. They are a huge power majority. And mostly White let us not forget. Walk into any Evangelical Church these days. All fair skinned and mostly well off people. Yes….the Jews control all the pivotal positions in government; but they still need the goyim – influential white people. The Christian Zionists — the Rapture Cult — are impatiently waiting for Armageddon. They… Read more »

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