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8 years ago

Drew did the best Alex Jones imitation of all time. It would be cool if Alex really was tired of jew dick up the ass, but I doubt that day will ever come.

8 years ago

Why are you guys constantly whining like women? You’ve spent weeks now bitching about the ‘alt-right’. What’s telling though is you unconciously use the exact same memes and talking points they’ve been using for months. This makes me think you’re just envious as you obviously listen to and enjoy their shows but for whatever reason won’t admit it publicly. Case in point is Drew on this broadcast… He unconciously gave himself away by using the patented Schlomo jewish voice-over during his kvetching about Milo’s Breitbart article. (36:00) Another thing I’ve noticed is your inablility to discern sarcasm & troll humor. How is it you guys are so consisitently dim on discerning snark? I’d assume by your own use of snark in your satirical music… Read more »

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