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10 years ago

It is unfortunate that Jewey (Joey) from Jewcago (Chicago) was able to rattle off so many anti-white slurs and with such venom without much retort. Considering there were so many white rwcialists/nationalists on he phone at the time, he should have immediately been bombarded with pro-white and anti-jew rhetoric, especially considering it was all just over a phone call. Be ready at every turn, gentlemen.

10 years ago

white racialists*. on the* phone.

10 years ago

I could not make anything out with all the yelling until I started muting callers. Then I flushed him & brought everyone back up. The noises in the background for much of this podcast that I picked up when listening later were very irritating. Such sounds are common here. Callers that fuck up the audio by doing this & that while listening are rude &/or stupid. Next time Ray = FLUSH!

10 years ago

I very much appreciated the flush, haha. That was indeed the situation’s saving grace.

10 years ago

At first i thought the guy was asking a legit question but his voice was pissing me off, totally sounded like a wigger. Then all hell broke loose and i couldn’t understand a god damn thing. Plus, when everyones yelling on air and making noise you don’t yell more, its not conductive to a good radio show. I knew bill would handle it and he handled it very well IMO. Its not like we have call screeners on Renegade, there was no need for us to insult them back. Frankly, i think it was a wigger on the phone yelling about white nerd and all this crap lol. I’d like them to say that to my face.

10 years ago
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