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10 years ago

Well, good to see you boys got home with no hassles.

10 years ago

Hey Kyle, maybe you could interview Rick Simpson! He’s trying to raise money to get his book printed. Since this is the roundtable I figured the comments are an open forum too!! Anyhow, here’s the link
I posted the link in the chat, although I think it’ll last longer here!!
Oh, here’s the broadcast on blogtalk where I heard about it. They recommended it and I’ll listen Rick Simpson anytime.–rick-simpson-book-run-1?utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=concierge

10 years ago

Good point mike about conspiracy theorists comparing there message to yours, how can a relativly new conspiracy theory about globalists or nazi death cults, compare to the conspiracy of the jew which is as old as time itself. It makes me wonder how many info warriors turn into rabid anti-semites after reading a few books or listning to broadcasts like this about the suject,

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