Renegade Roundtable 10-5-13

As we kick off the Renegade Road Show General Antiochus will have his finger on the nuclear trigger for the inverse/Aryan-Samson Option, lets not go down without a fight!  Pour in your calls


Judas Priest – One Shot At Glory

Shrinebuilder – Pyamid of the Moon

Theatre of Tragedy – Lorelei

Accept – Blood of the Nations

Click here to listen!

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10 years ago

I posted my response to Lugh over at 3 days ago since this show was not in the archives until now. Below is some of the back & forth between Lugh & I. It has been edited to save space here. The IQ challenge is not included & if you check the full comments at the link above you will understand why. If your not registered you should do so. I could be editing this to make Lugh look bad so check the link above. For those that aren’t interested in this rather silly squabble you can just ignore it. If you want to see all the full comments (including comments from other people pro & con)go to the link above within the next… Read more »

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