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10 years ago

Who will be the leader of the race. The god was Adolf who did much in
NS Germany! We need an honorable heroic avatar who can lead our race to the stars!!
Hail Arya 14

10 years ago

Really exciting Roundtable 14/14

Will Miller
10 years ago

I feel that the song has a national anthem vibe and should be ours when we attain power (and we will).

Beautifully sung Sinead, well written Jim. Truly inspiring.

10 years ago

I think this was a GREAT Roundtable. Everyone brought something of value to the table. Renegade quality! It still amazes me that I can come here & listen to a group of individuals & not hate any of them. I am fond of all of you. When I am or have been exposed to mainstream media talking heads it is usually the opposite. I hate them all.

10 years ago

Bill, let the hate flow through you

10 years ago

Beautiful ,Sinead Beautiful!

Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

A bit late on this one and don’t have much to say. Just wanted to comment on the topic of cats. As Frank says, they really can be loyal, even more so than a dog if they think that’s what you need. I had some real close calls awhile ago due to some medical issues I was having and it was our cat who decided to stand by me. I’m 100% better now and she’s still glued to my ankle. 🙂 The experience turned her from an independent cat to a lapcat. You usually don’t see cats of her age(she’s ten now) change behavior so radically.

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