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10 years ago

I like what I heard from Mike & Kyle in regards to the manner in which the central march is being planned. The way you guys are going about this is indeed cutting edge. As to the concern Jim had that nobody will see the marches – the people in the areas where the marches will take place in will see them. There will be photos & video put online. Mike is correct in pointing out that White racialists have their own media that they control. If the Jewmedia wants footage they will have to get it from White racialist sources. Most of the past White racialist events attracted few supporters. Some people did not attend because they did not want to deal with the… Read more »

10 years ago

“Their will be photos & video” – I meant (THERE will be photos & video)
“since their will be less risk” – I meant (THERE will be less risk)

10 years ago

Why no comments? I think we had a helluva good podcast Sat. Nite.

10 years ago

i’m 8 minutes in and listening to this song made by the english guy…oh my odin, i’m rollin! if anybody asks you, just say you’re a white man and you like to march

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