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10 years ago

I love Frank, but the man is hardcore, uncompromising when it comes to dealing with Christians, which I have to agree with Andrew, at this point in time cannot be the standard operating procedure/practice when it comes to pulling in potential racial recruits into the Odin’s mighty Aryan army lol

Chris Taylor
10 years ago

Christ-insanity will be once again the downfall of any victory over the enemy. I see you’re point in we need all we can get. But do we really NEED chritians? NO, we do not. They will once again bring another dark ages on and kill all the pagans, again..

it cannot be tolerated and it must not be anywhere around a White awakening. It’s backwards logic. Take the poison the enemy gave you and try to make you healthy, it cannot and has not worked. it’s 2000+ years and look where we are?

10 years ago

It was really good to learn about Brians teen sex life, about how he went to costa rica as a 14 yr old and was sexually predated upon by his costa rican friends 30 year old “aunty”. Yes, ok Brian, you didnt have full sex with this non white but you did engage in oral and mutual masturbation. perhaps next time on the Brick show [brian and nick] you could tell us more about this encounter, i for one would love to hear more about these illicit extra-national cross border bi racial sexual initiations !!

Reply to  Deucalion
10 years ago

I’ll make sure to write you a book 😉

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