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9 years ago

ps. Good to hear Kyle peeked out of his coffin for a bit.

9 years ago

Hopefully one day John Friend will wake up COMPLETELY and shake off those jew religion shackles around his ankles. Then he can put his potentially great mind to FULL use!

PS. Fuck that criminal Bill Finck and his CI drones!

9 years ago

1. The Huns were a eastern European people from the Russian steppes, their advance from the east forced the native Vandals, goths and franks from their homelands, leading to the fall of the roman Empire. They were led by Attilla, nicknamed the “scourge of god”, I think the “Hun” title is a reflection of this supposed ungodliness. 2. This is a reference to one of the more aggresive and destructive tribes of Europe who were active after the end of the Roman Empire. The French called Germans “The Bosch” – Boche is an abbreviation of caboche, (compare bochon, an abbreviation of cabochon.) This is a recognized French word used familiarly for ” head,” especially a big, thick head, (“slow-pate.”) It is derived from the Latin… Read more »

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