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11 years ago

Hey you guys, great show and very needed info on christianity and the christian cranks in the so-called alt-media. They are negative propagandists spreading the usual doom and gloom like the “blightwing” of the past. I was called dillusional for having impure thoughts to think that the Vikings and the natural racial state of being Aryan which never left true Aryans of Pagan thought in St. Andrew’s forum. My goodness this is not clear thinking that goes on in this site and the forum. Anglin may not be as clever as he thinks he is. His mind-frame is not Aryan. None of these christian cranks will really get anywhere. I have said this before, they are not reaching the youth. My two sons and their… Read more »

11 years ago


11 years ago

I suggest that all show times start at 9:00 PM EST.

As to be a little more west coast friendly for people
who get off work at 5pm, the show would begin at 6pm.

Also so the roundtable will not collide with another.

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