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10 years ago

What I wanted to say before I was disconnected during the archive part of the show: Government is only as good as the individuals who hold those offices, elected or not. If these people are not honorable and trustworthy it all falls apart. As we’ve seen, politicians will say anything on the campaign trail if they think it will win them more votes, and then once they get in office they do what their financial backers and mob bosses demand, not what the people voted them in to do. And we don’t even have the impetus or infrastructure to hold these people accountable for their lies. Perhaps the root of all these problems that were brought up in the discussion with Eric is a SPIRITUAL… Read more »

10 years ago

Mike, I could really feel your passion, frustration and fire, don’t apologise for being real 🙂 . I really enjoyed what you had to say on this show, your dedication and honesty does not go unnoticed.

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