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10 years ago

“Hang’im from the Yardarm,
Let the gulls pluck’is eyes out!”

10 years ago

i got banned for calling mike sledge an ‘n-word’ (jew media speak) lover, i thought he was that guy from memphis on the perry steele show. sorry my mistake, how do i become unbanned

Gunnlaug Ormstungu
10 years ago


The UK version of Common Core is Common Purpose


Governor of Moon
10 years ago

It’s high time to clean up your act and do something in cohesive manner, not act like couple of drug induced hippies in OWS. “Lone wolf” tactic is not going to lead us nowhere, lets face it, how many “infiltrators” have actually done anything so far? This james bond fantasy might sound tempting, but goes against anything what is considered to be national socialism. Even jews never act alone, they have always their tribal support system backing them up.

So far all we’ve been hearing is talk talk talk talk talk… I know you love to hear yourself talking, but this supposed not to be Saturday Night Live here. Time to get rid of demoralizing individuals and obvious infiltrators.

Reply to  Governor of Moon
10 years ago

How many elections have past and present ‘movement’
organizations’ “political parties” won? Zero seats!

When Tom Metzger won California seats in 1980 they stold them!

All of the white groups are infiltrated.
So, it would be best to infiltrate back.

Anyway, can’t teach the right-wingers new tricks… Resist.Com

Reply to  Damon
10 years ago

I suspect people like this of being enemies. And it’s not James Bond. You don’t have to be James Bond to not go to group meetings and have your license plate photographed. Or to do black propaganda, or whatever you feel like doing. When you accuse people of doing nothing but talk it’s like you are trying to bait people into admitting to something. As for Lugh, he was funny. I think it would be best of none of you drank during the shows though. I understand it can make you feel more free to speak your mind but you are supposed to set an example and you shouldn’t promote listeners to be alcoholics. Or to rely on alcohol for anything really. If Bill wanted… Read more »

10 years ago

“Real fascists shouldn’t be so individualistic that they can’t take orders.”

I’d change the first two words to “White men,” “soldiers,” “revolutionaries,” or even “valued members of society.” (Need I state explicitly that any of the first not willing to be the latter three are irrelevant at this moment?)

Being a “libertarian,” an “individualist,” or whatever the hell else should serve as no excuse or even be seen as an explanation for shirking responsibility or being uncooperative.

One does not need to be a fascist in order to not be a shitbag.

Either that, or I’m a fascist in denial. *shrug*

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