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10 years ago

Why do you still let this old infiltrator “Wolf Wallstein” ramble in you show? He has clearly his own agenda to push here. He has stated that “working class jews” are not bad people and are on “our” side. If you want to know what “working class jew” is, i recommend to watch excellent german documentary “Eternal Jew” from 1940.

Reply to  bagel
10 years ago

You always seem to have something to say post-fact. Why don’t you catch the show live sometime and level your criticisms then?

10 years ago

To all, go to This is the official site of the Rothschild Group. On the site go to Our businesses and click on Our offices. You will get a global map of where they are. They are everywhere. This is the kind of power that has to be defeated. Hitler had a good start to defeat them when he seized their accounts in Austria, France and one other country I cannot remember at the moment. This has to happen again and be completed this time around. The problems in the world are not only racial but lack of the power of the purse.

10 years ago

Bill you need your own show.

Reply to  Vincent
10 years ago
10 years ago

I appreciate your shows and personally like your fearless indictments of a certain racial group. I really like kyle’s show and these roundtables but i must say i find davids show extreme.I cant agree with his ideas that paganism is equal to satanism. If you ask me satanism is just as jewish as christianity, The satan worship in Europe started in the royal courts with texts from the jews. That said i like his militant style and listen to his shows often. I tell you its quite refreshing to hear this stuff finally as its outlawed in England. I dont mind if i disagree with some of your comments i just like the truthfullness and plain speaking, because most of what i usually hear is… Read more »

Reply to  rpaisley71
10 years ago

I appreciate the comments overall, however, you fail to understand what Satanism is. Have you gone thru my archives? Jewish? Hardly.

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

Bagel, wolf is not an infiltrator, i’m sick and tired of you lashing out at wolf, tom metzger, etc., people who have my respect, compared to you, an anonymous troll – indeed there are Jews who have come out against the Jewish agenda and left the cult, and i call these people “ex-Jews” – Benjamin Freedmen being one, for example…although they are small in number, i work with a jew has nothing to do with their agendas

10 years ago

My apologies david, i probably shouldnt have said that, as you guys put alot of effort in to these shows with little reward. and the last thing you want is complaints. So ill listen to your earlier shows and see if my mind is changed.But somehow i doubt it will, but surely as fellow white nationalists we must be able to disagree on some points. I dont see it as right or wrong just different perspectives from different people on different continents.

10 years ago

Bagel is the jew known as NaziSoci, he’s a shit starting kike here to do his hasbara work.

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