Renegade Roundtable: Chris Hosts – Bringing Down the House (1-14-17)

A man called chris dorsey gets on air to take calls from David, Sean, Brandon, Quad Damage, and others. They discuss the most important current events and how to address the complex problems we face with simple solutions.

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Kiwi Bob
7 years ago

PewDiePie orders “Death To All Jews!” from the Fiver website. Didn’t know where else to post this but you’ve got to see this regardless of what you think of this PewDiePie character. Definitely made me LOL! He does an apology afterwards but did his well-buried inner viking slip out for a second? I’m surprised this was allowed to stay up but it’s pretty new so go watch it before it gets taken down or edited!

Watch the whole video here –

Go straight to the best part here –

Reply to  Kiwi Bob
7 years ago

You have to be freaking kidding me! Wow. Well in his rant about being operated against by jewtube he said and I quote “I am white… and I think that is a problem”. Meaning that jewtube wants to reduce White leading figures and promote groids and muds instead, which is something I never thought of but would be in the process, like in TV adverts.

simply simone
7 years ago

Why is the media of all types, the good and the bad, continually trying to create fear about the upcoming inauguration and the Russia issue? I can’t find one positive report on Trump or Russia. Usually we always can find both sides of any issue but in today’s crappy environment of deliberate lies and obfuscations of the publishers, and the Hollywood horse dung about Trump daily or the N.Y. Jews continuing moaning about Trump, the public has been left to their own positive thinking and common sense to weave a path thru the confusion to get to the next day’s highlighted news story. (P.S. What is the big deal that men like women? They like sex? They actually have sex? The fact that Trump is… Read more »

Reply to  simply simone
7 years ago

AntiWhites want people to talk about anything other than the fact that our borders are unprotected and White nations are being destroyed. It’s bread & circus, “theatricality and deception”, (i.e., “Look at the News & Jews!”), while, behind the curtain, it’s White genocide. They *don’t* want you talking about White genocide.

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Would it be legal or possible to fly a small drone with a camera at AIPACalypse? You could have someone film the demo from above and capture any jew “slight of claw” on film. It could be shown on the Renegade or Sinead’s YT channel afterwwards. My concern is for the safety of all my white bros & sisters, but especially the faces – the renegade hosts. The jews will have their crisis agents on site ( on both sides ), and will only need to start firing ( set off by those deranged, Trump supporting, white red-neck militia ) and have a stray bullet “accidentally” strike one of our figureheads – gods forbid. “See, that’s why we need gun control; they even shoot each… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

LoL “slight of claw”, like it. Although I would say “sleight of whinge”, claw would imply some kind of bold, powerfulness not quite attributed to a jew.

I don’t think drones are illegal in public, that would be a good idea, for now at least.

7 years ago

Anyone remember Mordecai Vanunu debacle where he supposedly released some of israels nuclear information? I say this was just another PR stunt to keep the dogma about nukes sailing along. He might be for real as he is also pro Palestine, but that is throwing peanuts at a juggernaut. Possibly another sacrificial chosenite.

Ingrid B
7 years ago

A Norwegian relative of mine spent his 60th birthday repairing the roof of a day care centre in South Africa. A year later he spent another birthday fixing another roof in SA. He also adopted ten youth, and paid for the private education of the little son of one of them, whom he considers to be his grandson..

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