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The Seeker of Truth
9 years ago

Great show!

9 years ago

Everyone MUST do a personal introspection and ask themselves : What have I done to help the rich controlling Anti-Whites to cause White race GENOCIDE ? What was my primary motivation to help their Anti-White causes? So, lets say your answer was I get more money paid by them to do what they want. HOW , DO YOU fix the damages you have done? For example: You are a lawyer , you promote a system of justice that clearly supports Anti-White actions . How do you fix your damages to the white race? Do you give all your money to young White race teens so they can have more White race kids? OR Do you spend your money trying to convince other upper class Whites… Read more »

9 years ago

More needs to be done on college campuses, not just for white identity consciousness, but for the sake of quality values of tradition, honor, chivalry, morality, modesty. White lives matter. There is no value in cultural confusion and racial and linguistic pollution. Reclaiming ones destiny is not hate but love for ones own.

9 years ago

College is controlled by rich Anti-Whites . It is a place to go IF your rich where you can learn things AND IN Theory, after graduation , be placed in positions of authority & higher wealth & value over lesser Anti-Whites that are for the Anti-White agenda. If your not Anti-White race in college you are fodder for other young Anti-Whites to practice their Anti-White agenda skills on. Krimvost , I think what you say might have been a good thing to do between 60’s up to 1984 at the latest but after that the colleges were taken over and controlled by the rich Anti-Whites . Now , they are just brainwashing centers for the Anti-White race agendas. If you look at their peer review… Read more »

9 years ago

thank you for the wardruna helvegen my friend kyle…btw your paintings are my treasures

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