Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (5-13-17)

Kyle talks to Bill and Sean about a variety of topics, including the historical civil war and the current battles on the streets, the agenda of controlled opposition leaders, and then they answer some questions from a listener’s document of 100.

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7 years ago

I was looking up who sang that Whistleblower song that played at the end of the show and came across this..
Great show guys!

Reply to  Les
7 years ago

Double puke!

Reply to  Les
7 years ago

Unbelievable. The despicable kike cunt using NS imagary for their hypocritical land theft and genocide, the valiant, well built Aryan!!!! LeL that which the decrepit kike will never, ever be. If anything that shows the inherent psychopathic hysteria of the kike to want to be Aryan

My god I had to laugh. It goes to show the true distorted view the kike has of itself. It will NEVER be Aryan. It wants to be, it can try to create the media illusion that it is an Aryan… But never it will be one.

This is definitive proof that the jew wants to be Aryan.

7 years ago

Fed Lice has really screwed itself over, as it now only does alt-right topics, and as Kyleski N’ Hutch argued, Fed Lice does not wish to upset its boring Trump/Christian base, thus becoming quite boring and predictable. Fed Lice used to be the top conspiracy/occult show out there, even topping C2C, as C2C is loaded with jews and controlled op types, always toning down shows or giving Jones style ‘truths’ (lies mixed with truth) or the guests were complete Leonard’s (calling someone a ‘Leonard’ in Canada is the same as ‘dork’ or ‘moron’). Perhaps, Kyle might fill this void, as his expertise in these areas is world class. TRS has come out with the ‘paranormies’, but the show lacks quality and can be quite immature,… Read more »

7 years ago

Stay frosty. Actions based on intellect, not emotion, when it comes to facing these monsters head-on. “Callin’ all the clans together.”

7 years ago

2 X Legalese:

“Corporate Personhood” (glad you mentioned it) is a nasty classification that allows CEO’s to get away with Treasonous Financial based Fraud. A Corporation has the same rights as Flesh and Blood ? No !
When a Corporation goes Bankrupt, it can be declared “dead”, and so too does any money owing disappear, thus allowing the CEO to create another Corporate Person. CEO goes free.

Then there is another classification that declares, for example: the Constitution, as a “Living Document” or any other treatise. This means that such a document “grows” and therefore is subject to “Change” according to “Desire”.

Reply to  Paul Davey
7 years ago

Louis the Fharakhan Idiot:

1 Gives people of African extraction “Islam”.
2 Endorses Trump saying “thanks for not using jewish money”.
3 My main concern: he says often enough; “jews ? Thay is WHITEY”.

He’s a Psychopath Clearly on the Payroll regardless of who’s in power, should be locked up/ deported, or placed in a Mental Home.

7 years ago

Question 98 (which won’t happen until enough juden are eliminated):
I would construct the most impressive, unmistakably-Aryan sprawling monument to the warriors of the National Socialist movement WITH a gigantic accompanying library filled with the works of and educational aids regarding the great men and women of ALL Europe who have spearheaded the struggle against the jewish oppressor throughout the centuries.
* We’ll need a vast, armed guard contingent – any applicants may see me at das amt Kommandant und rauchen verboten! :))

Anders Dahl
7 years ago

what’s the songs name in 1:00:20?

7 years ago

This was a top show. Very on point

7 years ago

What’s the song at 1 hr?

Anders Dahl
Reply to  kason
7 years ago

I have asked that question 3 times now. No hard feelings.

6 years ago

You are welcome to unleach my fury, anytime! I live in gender conservative Japan, and I appreciate supportive gender relationships! White males, here, are useless, for the most part…as in if they saw a white female walking down the street, on fire, they would not spit.

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