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Eddie Wilson
8 years ago

It started out slow….but ended strong. My stance is: Killing other humans or subhumans doesn’t improve anything. Fuck Rodney Martin.

8 years ago

The Jew Controlled Media is really nothing more than a Deception broadcasting tool. Media can basically be broken down into certain categories: Local Time, News and Weather: This segment serves as a basis for promoting Media Credibility. National and International News: This segment is where the bulk of the Deceptions are found. Sports and Entertainment: These segments serve as Cross-Media Marketing promotional tools. Specifically, they are used to normalize behaviors and attitudes that the regime wants to be normalized. Alternative Media: This segment is extremely heavily infiltrated. It is primarily used to “Control The Opposition” so that the opposition never really threatens the regime. Do not underestimate the extent to which the Alternative Media has been infiltrated. The LAST thing that Controlled Opposition wants is… Read more »

8 years ago

Who was the retard who said he would shoot elite anti-Whites who in this case were teenagers?!

Fucking disgusting and I’m shocked to hear it. Been listening since June 2013 when Siegfried was on and unfortunately you have had too many idiots like Jim, Dave, Sid, Lugh and Northpal pop up.

Never give in Kyle, my heart goes out to you at times but I’m struggling with my rent and need to step up my game monetarily, as I would chuck some money your way.

Anyway, we need to clean up our own side before moving out and the whole “rahowa”/skinhead/neo-nazi lot need removing so we can bring in fresh people and ideas, not too mention people who are just normal “White” people.

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