Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (9-17-16)


Kyle talks to John from Canada, Chris Dorsey, and John McCracken about the issues facing us: electoral charades, controlled opposition, false and real terror, proxy armies, world jewry’s diverse elements, world war, what we can do, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Another great roundtable – thank you all. It’s always so interesting to hear people’s thoughts on these current events. I see the h’white elitist academics as just more jewish tools – lit & fig lol. I don’t think the kikes have to work too hard in this area though. These high IQers have such a superiority complex and giant ego. Tricky Dicky couldn’t care less about the average white person; sitting by the pool at his $3m pad, sipping on a cocktail, er cold beer like one of the guys. PS DM online has ‘Illary on the Jimmy Fallon show, filmed Friday, ( airing Mon night ) is it her? They also have her giving a 20min speech, also on Friday at, get this, ‘the… Read more »

7 years ago

the pitchforks and torches party, love it, were do i sign up? great round table men, cheers

7 years ago

I very much agree with the point that the caller brought up in around 1:52:30. We need our uninfiltratable (not a word but implies its meaning) secret societies to bring down theirs which at the end sounds very similar to John Beattie’s LUDUs.

7 years ago

I have an IQ of 150, and I am the daugher of a man who was #2 in math in CA state-wide apptitute tests. I am well equipped to discuss Jewish perfidy because my father, the son of a Jew, told me that his father brutalily sodomized him. My father was a USMC who fought on guadalcanal. For many years, I thought that it was THIS experience that undid him, but, FINALLY, he told me the TRUTH…

Happy to discuss this matter with Kevin McDonald, whose books I have read; happy to discuss all of the other J crap I have experienced in the academic and corporate worlds.


Reply to  bakkagirl
7 years ago

You would qualify as “deutschblütig” under Nuremberg Laws, a Mixling, 3/4 Aryan, 1/4 Jews.
You’d be barred from marrying other Mixlings, holding High Office or service in the SS, which required pure Aryan heritage. Other than that, you’d be a German citizen but a separate pledge of loyalty for Germany and disavowing any connections to Jewry would be asked from you.
Finally, your citizenship would be a privilege through naturalization vs a right of pure Germans’ birthright.

I think it’s fair and any reasonable Mixling would understand and accept such measures to prevent infiltration. After another 5 generations, the Jew blood and family bonds would hopefully been bred out.

7 years ago

Sorry I missed this show live…..For those who do not know: This entire election process is a psy-op.

7 years ago

Kevin MacDonald showed his hand after all this time.

He always seemed like one of the maybe okay people who was just getting dragged along for the Dickie ride.

It’s good to know where he truly stands. Nowhere near a real future for european people, that’s for sure.

And how many people thought Renegade was too suspicious or aggressive…at times even I (although not totally).

I’d rather hang out with the working class guys with a spine than the pretty boys who can’t carry themselves without the jews.

How pathetic.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth
7 years ago

Well said, Kyle, with regards to Character vs. Intellectualism. These so-called intellectual elitists would do well to learn from the tenets of National Socialism.

See this excellent article: CHARACTER VS INTELLECTUALISM

Circus Maximus
7 years ago

Here is the Kevin McDonald link that was brought up on the round Table:

Robert Heimdal
7 years ago

So this is Dicky Spencer’s fav beverage. Cocktail glass or coupe?

7 years ago

Out of all the renegade and general white nationalist stuff I’ve never once heard anyone recommend joining a militia. I only thought of the idea because of Chris Dorsey being in the virginia militia. Is this something that would be a good/bad idea?

Reply to  kjhjklj
7 years ago

Greetings, I am simply referencing the basis of our European Common Law which is the basis of the Constitution For the United States and Virginia. Virginia is the location for much of the US military infrastructure according to the Law Article I sec 8/Amendment II of CFUSA and Article I sec 13 of Constitution for Virginia the arsenal is under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Militia. Art. I sec 13 Constitution for Virginia; That a well-regulated militia, or composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination… Read more »

Reply to  chris
7 years ago

That is very interesting. It seems like it would be a good idea for every white nationalist program to recommend their listeners to join a militia. My state has a few different ones. And then we all try and do what Chris Dorsey does and make citizens arrests

7 years ago

I ran across this interesting article in regards to controlled opposition/political movements by Stanley Aronowitz, and his long history and involvement in these groups..
Great show by the way!

7 years ago

I too am grateful every day that there is an outlet that we can use to get the news out there, and discuss what can be done about it. I will continue to donate a certain amount every month. GREAT roundtable remarks; love you guys more and more. NO MORE WAR..

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