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8 years ago

Once again it descends into the latest cause dejour or some sorta penis fetish and some tard who cant shut his trap has to be set straight by Sean. Again an imbecile with endless gob and like always this thing verges one big joke to be laughed off by those who are looking for answers. How many times does it have to evolve into and focus on what is a done deal and a side show. Without Sinead or Sean, or some of these other women managing a bit of real common, it soon becomes a side show. Sure it all can be good fun with a dirty old man having a laugh but still women are being raped and abused and children are being… Read more »

Reply to  trudat
8 years ago

I had the same feeling trudat. I was none too impressed with some of the reckless vulgarity during the broadcast. Whilst Michelle did very well to hold so many people together as best she could, there was a level of degeneracy I was not happy with, as you can hear in my voice. It’s one thing Ladies and Gentlemen to have to wax a little vulgar to explain your point of view, but it’s another to just be disgusting about it all. I didn’t use the word “knob” to be rude or deliberately vulgar, but rather because I didn’t know the proper name of it. Hence why I had the respect to apologise to Michelle before I discussed it. There is a time and place… Read more »

8 years ago

Great show Michelle! Was great to have so many ladies on the call!

8 years ago

I wish I heard the live show but I missed it damn it! I enjoy listening to the ladies as much as the guys. As in most things, balance is good and ya’ll are doing a great job. Michelle’s already attracting attention from the enemy and that means you’re doing good. 🙂

8 years ago

Enjoyed the show, but why not discuss Roosh? Or rather, why not discuss the alliance some on our side have formed with that slimeball? He needn’t be discussed except for the fact that influential people in the ‘alt right’ insist upon selling him to our troops. Once that bullshit is exposed then he can be lobbed straight back to the sewers.

8 years ago

I loved the show. thanks for having me on as a caller, always nice to hear from everyone

8 years ago

Im allways glad to see that Renegade doesnt fall for the MGTOW shit.
Feminism is Gender-Bolshevism for females, MGTOW is gender-bolshevism for males. MGTOW dont oppose feminists, they oppose females, just like feminists oppose men in general. Its two sides of the coin thats intended to disrupt our sexuality, and that coin is a shekel by the way.

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