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J Middleton
9 years ago

Like the caller from Arizona I’ve done my small share of passing out different literature and pro-white information to people. Not much now though. Even a little activism helps.

Thanks, good show.

J Middleton
9 years ago

I think that the internet is the best thing that could have happened for white patriots and activists in Europe and here in America. We do live in an information age as they say. Before, so much information was controlled by the liberal/progressive/Jewish traditional mass media like TV and this made it difficult for various truths to get out and so many people were afraid of saying anything that was against the politically correct cultural programming that came from the media matrix. Now, things have changed and the information monopoly is over. Activism using the internet is a much better and effective way to get people to wake up to what’s going on but you have to do it in a smart way. For example,… Read more »

9 years ago

J.M. By talking about Anti-White race shows & participating in them you are promoting them . Just post on White race sites & shows that promote our own, Only- pro White race preservation interests one of which is to have our own 24/7 TV & major radio station shows broadcasting all the time without the control of rich people & that would include rich White people that would sell us out just like today. Never let Anti-Whites be in control over you .

9 years ago

The advent of the Internet is analogous to the DISCOVERY OF FIRE. We are at the threshold of the Age of Aryanism. The Day of the Jewish power structure is ending.

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