Renegade Roundtable: Punching to the Right, Kicking to the Left (10-6-18)

Kyle talks to Tony and Anthony. They discuss Supremacist Kavanaugh and based Lindsey Graham, the lack of privacy in our world, how we get screwed by the left and right, the McGregor fight, bare knuckle boxing, the role of padding in sports, and how we can beat the odds.

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5 years ago

Great show Kyle.

5 years ago

They especially want younger people to vote harder – they don’t show up for the mid-terms at all hardly. I noticed this big push with twitter, google, FB, etc for voter registration (why are they even involved? to merge gov and tech for technocracy) – maybe one day the cyborgs will vote with a ‘Like’ or thumbs up.
On another note, wow about Kavanaugh and the Patriot Act. No wonder they had all this hysteria and theatre, to get their man in. Meanwhile, my siblings are deeply at odds now over this and the attack on white men was plain to see for my sister, the mother of a young adult male.

Reply to  Callwen
5 years ago

I would assume the push to get people registered and voting is to collect information so it can be fed into AI algorithms along with the rest of the information they’re gathering on us. the “Official Story”™ is that the US is in a race with China to develop the most advanced AI and every bit counts.

5 years ago

Weebly notified me this site will be taken down within 72 hours – download everything while you still can:

Reply to  Renegader
5 years ago

Satanism is pretty gay.

Reply to  Renegader
5 years ago

Michael Aquino is super based, bro.

Also, your link is unlistenable.

Reply to  Renegader
5 years ago

Take your jewish satanism elsewhere. Boyd Rice is a freak.

5 years ago

Fully comprehending the dialectic of right/left Republican’Democrat etc. I still think that in general those on the right are the ones that have the potential of awakening to the deeper game afoot. This was the path that brought me to my current level of awareness – whatever that may actually be be who knows?

Anyway, regarding the whole Kavanaugh affair, I thought this was worth the small amount of time to view:
11 minute video blows the lid off of this cauldron of festering feminist stew – B
To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University

Reply to  Bob
5 years ago

The israel loving GOP tards are going to wake up to jewish control faster? lol Riiiiiight. We need to be waking up all of our people regardless of what mind control flavor they choose.

Reply to  Sinny
5 years ago

The left-right paradigm has got to go as far as pro-Whites are concerned. Either you believe Whites have a right to exist or you don’t. They are the only two positions that really matter now. Anything else is a sideshow/ distraction.

5 years ago


5 years ago

It is the Eskimos!!

5 years ago

Excellent!! I’m new here, but I have so far loved every show I’ve listened to. I feel like after being lost for so long in a forest of deception, lies and confusion I am finally finding my way home. Thank you, to you all, and a dear rabbit who pointed me to this wonderful little den.

Can you tell me plz, since I can’t find a playlist of music clips, what is that techno song in the middle of the show? Has a bitchen’ down beat, and I love it!

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