Renegade Roundtable: Over the Rainbow of Revolutions (12-15-18)

Kyle talks about the French revolutionaries and how the spirit is spreading to other countries, transgender degeneracy, Euroweek in Poland, and then Wolf calls into to discuss how White people are being pushed over the edge and are not even permitted to protest in public or private.

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5 years ago

Hydroponic Lettuce ? Sounds great ! Actually I need some wild hydroponic lettuce . Heard its as strong as morphine . Got neck and back problems . Wonder if it works for the pain ???

Reply to  ThePaleSicilian
5 years ago

it is very bitter, which morphine if you could taste it would be exceptionally bitter and gag worthy I bet.
It’s the latex that you want I think, the white sap that drips out.
I bet it would work.

5 years ago

Seeing what’s going on today i think it would be quite fitting to do a show on the 1848 Revolutions in Europe. An incredibly important and destructive set of events in Europe that is rarely talked about. It was these Revolutions that caused changes to Europe that made Europe very vulnerable and open to attacks from all from fronts from the blood sucking vultures. These revolutions which was also first sparked in France, spread through out Europe which had the goal of spreading further the ideas of liberalism and ‘Rights of Man’ which was spawned first in the French Revolution a few decades earlier. The cry for religious freedom, the seperation of church and state, the dismantling of the monarchs, equal rights for all people,… Read more »

Mr. Hilter
Reply to  ayay
5 years ago

Thank you for your valuable information,it will help me greatly in my further research on the JQ

Reply to  ayay
5 years ago

Very important points here. Very few revolutions in history have been organic. Revolution= “To cycle, to circle again and again, To rotate and repeat.” Lemme off this godamn ride!

5 years ago

Very good content tonight, Kyle!

5 years ago
Bob Matthews
5 years ago

Jesus, everything is a conspiracy I give up on Renegade – absolutely pathetic! Any protest that undermines Rothschild Banker Macron is positive in my mind – even if the protests are led by non-Nationalist’s!

Foster XL
Reply to  Bob Matthews
5 years ago

I seem to remember this guy saying he was “giving up on Renegade” in an earlier comment somewhere. Can’t keep away Bob? Keep listening but then keep posting the same shitty comments? Are you conflicted? Who’s the real example of “pathetic”? I’m looking at YOU!

Oh & you really need to study history a little closer – conspiracy has ALWAYS been the way with these douchebags who believe they rule us. Only a fully propagandized tool would use that word in the way you have here these days.

Reply to  Foster XL
5 years ago

I wish those types would just actually leave, instead of throwing temper tantrums and then staying.

5 years ago

Happy Yule

5 years ago

I was lazily watching the #yellow vests today. Apparently this obscure NazBol group, “Open Revolt!” (never heard of them before today) are now sporting yellow vests. Enter Alexander Dugin into their search engine, and you will get nearly 80 articles written by, or about their great savior. Actually, I found it to be a good source to learn more about Dugins worldview. What a sick puppy that guy is. Not sure what to make of it, but thought it was worth mentioning.

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