Renegade Roundtable: The Online Battlefield & Real World Activism (8-11-18)

Kyle speaks to McQ and Anthony about a wide variety of subjects, such as: the recent move to Gab, the censorship of the internet at so many levels, why tech is stagnating, how to win in the online battlefield, ways to bring the message to the people, the importance of improvement, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Thanks Kyle for taking my call, even though our line throughout was pretty choppy (chabad workman always blames……). Okay, i’m starting to get a complex now lol. I go on the roundtable and end up speaking to Kyle on my own, or with maybe one other person (great hearing you McQueen mate). Look i admit, i’ve never used deodorant in all my 54yrs, i own it, the pongy t-shirt that is, but come on guys. Kyle should be having to limit folk to 5mins airtime, not cajole our capable folk into action. It’s not fair on this hardworking, deep thinking, intelligent, wise, super-creative, go-getter to have to ramble with Kyle for 1.5 hrs!! LOL just my silly humour (or lack of). Thank you all for… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Thanks for calling in! Its great to hear your perspective. I’ll be watching for you to cal in again.

5 years ago

You might have dirty pots on your mix-board. in which case you can take off the knobs and spray them with canned air to get the dust out. its a common problem. unless that was just the plugging & unplugging of mics. i have this problem all the time. there are tutorials for dirty pots online. just a suggestion. this comment doesn’t have to go public.

5 years ago

Broadcasting yeh! And re your broadcast, never been a tweeter or on face book, never owned a telephone, and just got my own laptop four months ago (you can always use the library internet for FREE). And I’ve been around forever! Hmm GAB. Thanks to SF for introducing us!

PS It’s 16-08-18 and despite some initial microphone adjustments, you are coming through loud and clear.

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