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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

“Those too scared to phone, will lose life, family and home!” *smh*

Thanks Kyle, you tried.

5 years ago

Too bad the show ended short. You were actually doing fine with your monologue. The only reason I haven’t called in a while is because I didn’t feel I could contribute to the topics. I’m still a regular listener. I’m familiar with Duke, and that’s “Dr.” to you mister (ha,ha,ha), story that you mentioned. I also think it’s strange that Don Black is married to Duke’s ex and they’re all so close and work together on a daily basis. I don’t have a problem when Renegade or any one else for that matter, criticizes any one in our movement. It’s only infighting when you question the motives and not the argument and its underlying facts. Having said that; infighting is necessary as well. How else… Read more »

5 years ago

Some things are definitely too good to be true. So I would check the teeth (in private). “No Teeth, No Horse! “.

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5 years ago

Hi Kyle ,

Good show and funnily enough I always thought it was don’t knock a gift horse in the mouth 😂 although I never used the saying myself now it definately makes sense.
Just speaking from personal experience I don’t know if I missed it but you used to have the show days layout on the broadcasting page but I can’t see it .
I’m happy to call in but I’m just a layman and don’t feel I’d have enough for a worthwhile contribution.
That’s my two cents on the matter ….
Straight from the horses mouth .

5 years ago

A little off topic but on a recent episode of Shaun Surplus show he stated that Taylor Swift is obviously a guy. Now i disagree with Taylor’s politics but she is a 100% woman, right?

Reply to  Clinton
5 years ago

Who cares?

Reply to  Clinton
5 years ago

People actually still listen to that shrill, rat-faced “I ran Renegade” drama queen? LMFAO!!!

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