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Caisee Campbell
4 years ago

For whatever reason this won’t play – I’ve tried both on my computer and my phone.

Reply to  Caisee Campbell
4 years ago

Fixed. Thanks.

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

lgbtqp > sassy soul sisters > christinsanity > blood-drinking pagans.

The alphabet goop “is” jugayism, so is the most protected and promoted minority. The christards, being colourless, are useful idiots for jews to hide behind, in a manufactured civil war.

PS Thanks guys for another great show. I’m glad the DEW-storm didn’t “rattle” you too much.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

You forgot the z at the end of lgbtqp.
The raping of animals is being normalized right along with ‘age gap love’.
The movie ‘Zoo’ won at the 2007 Sundance film festival.. it’s only a matter of time.

Also, I think with this Carolyn Emerick shit about us being vampires, that they are trying to make that fucked up movie ‘Midsommar’ their reality, thus making all non-christian white folks look like crazed murderous ritualists.

Reply to  Amber
4 years ago

This is nothing new though, how long have pagans been equated with devil worshipping and occult evil.? It is hollywood and public domain canon, that the eeeevil woods and pagans are the centre of darkness, even the Blair Witch Project used runes and Nordic symbols in this context. The only thing is, that how really silly and dumb it is to make ground worshipping flower people believeably seem like ripping tearing psychopathic demonic killers!! And guess “((what)) directed it!

4 years ago

I’m glad you commented on the vampire podcast on bitchute. Like you, I pay attention to some of these channels to see what nonsense they are up to. I’m pretty well versed in prehistory and mythology which is why I comment on some of her videos when certain nonsense is being promoted. I dont see why I need to change my comments name between sites tbh. Your shows are a breath of fresh air so thanks for what you are doing.

Reply to  wofwitch
4 years ago

We get a lot of “former listeners” of Carolyn, which 99% of the time are still working w her but are trying to play both sides. You mentioned she “lost the plot”, When did she ever have the plot? She’s been promoting the AR and kosher politics since day 1. Now she’s pretending to be different than the AR, so as to give her credibility.

Reply to  Sinny
4 years ago

I listened to her off and on for the folklore stuff. I had the feeling originally that she was just uneducated when it came to politics and European politics in particular. I realise now that it was deliberately formulated to deflect from the real enemy. Ive no interest in where she is heading now although I had a bit of fun reading the latest comments on that last video. I think your nazbol graphic was the straw that broke the back-all comments are now disabled. I rarely comment on anything but have been listening to Renegades shows for a short while so thanks for what you are highlighting.

4 years ago

This pastor did a sermon on werewolves and vampires in America I think he might be one of those Hebrew roots type Christians because he wears a yarmulke, but he gets into illuminati, freemasonry and satanism and here he talks about how objects can magickly link people

Reply to  John
4 years ago

Does he get into jews? Probably not. These types love to go on and on about “satanism” when really it’s talmudic judiasm.

dafid dautrief
4 years ago

seems chapelle “plagiarized” jewish television series, southpark, but the culture-creators of the sordid synagogue are afoot so reality gets warped. but dont mind me, gonna finish this glass of ice-cold lemonade on the front porch, such a swelterin’ september night.

4 years ago

“Fed Right” = equating being against white genocide as crazed, fanatical and misogynistic. Great show!

Reply to  OgdenB
4 years ago

Not only are they still up on jewtube, but they have that check mark of approval!
What a sham it is now.
Fed Ice being such a shallow joke, and youtube being the degenerate place older people used to be afraid of.
For those of us who have been around for 5+ years, we can remember how it was before ((they)) eliminated over 17,000 channels, 100,000 videos, and 500 million comments!
To us it is obvious, but to the unaware and curious… whoa.

4 years ago

I’m impressed by ya’lls rattlesnake story – so many just kill them, especially if they have children. I had to remove a black widow from my aviary back in the spring, felt good to overcome the fear, put it in a glass jar and take it elsewhere. And yeah, that storm was strange and psy-oppy. I am suspicious of these total disasters like in the Bahamas (with infrastructure destroyed to make way for something totally new), with many headed to FL now. I think they want to create the sense of climate refugees all over (due to climate change).

William Wood
4 years ago

Some quotes from Plutarch on vegetarianism.

Doug Provenzano
4 years ago

I know this is a bit off topic,but Id really like to get some comments from yall about it:

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