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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

George W Bush’s oh-so accidental misquote: “Fool me once, shame on….shame on you. IT fooled me, you can’t get fooled again.” Most sources miss out the “IT,” so i’m wondering whether that second clown horror movie has been timed to be released this week, and signal the chutzpah to attack on the twin towers anniversary. Not to be a constant fear “corn” (geddit movies) merchant, but some christard channel is saying that “I, Pet Goat II” indicates they are going to blindside us, and do their final false flag quakes on both coasts, over the Sept 11th and 12th. PS Upcoming movies: Top Gun: Maverick, “Star” Wars, Gemini Man (Trump), Rambo: Last Blood, Underwater, Black and Blue, Terminator: Dark fate, Zombieland….hmm? Are the jew-suprems trying… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

I do agree, even though I fell into the 2012 trap back in the day. Bit embarrassed about that. “IT” seems to be getting ready to play another major card.

4 years ago

Didn’t listen, so I dunno what you guys are expecting, but over here on the left coast they are sayin the storm is gonna be a big nasty.
I hope you guys fare well.

4 years ago

If i remember correctly, Dorians were the foreign group of people that migrated to Ancient Greece and introduced the normalization of homosexuality and pedophilia and poisioned Ancient Greece culture with their vile filth and degeneracy.

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