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4 years ago

You guys bring so much to the table, it’s hard to know where to begin when leaving a comment. Firstly, thanks for being a dose of sanity in this ever degenerating clown world. Secondly, the drama! TCTA is rapidly flushing itself down the tubes and becoming more irrelevant as the days go by. Every show I have caught on that joke of a platform is cringier than the next. Tabitha’s shows get no comments, because no one over there gives a hoot about health, let alone wellness, and Shawny only gets comments when he puts them there.. it’s so obvious it hurts. For being ”so classy”, she really picked the grungiest dive bar of an outlet to dispense her ”good work” in advancing White Wellness.… Read more »

4 years ago

A little off subject on this, but Check out the Aurora bridge in Seattle undergoing “emergency repairs”. It’s set to reopen on 11/9

4 years ago

Listen to prolly a little more then half or maybe 90 mins of the MS/SS show in traffic.

Was bad, like really bad in the most cringeworthy way. Sledge couldn’t even make his point of burning either of you guys because Surplus interrupted him to virtually suck his dick literally every 2 minutes.

‘OH MY GOD YOU’RE MY AMERICAN TWIN I AM THE AUSTRALIAN VERSION OF YOU’- literally dropped this line for like 15 minutes.

Reply to  streitz
4 years ago

I got about 30 min in, and it was just too foul to continue.
It’s no wonder why these two dudes are single alcoholics.
Having such degenerate online persona’s is a sure fire way to mortify and push away their children due to embarrassment, or enrage them over hearing their drunken fathers waste their lives complaining and ”trash talking” more competent people, instead of spending either precious time with them, or doing something productive to end the degeneracy.
Truly shameful parenting, but I guess this was the jewish orchestrated plan all along – first they removed the fathers from the black children, now it’s the white children’s turn.

4 years ago

Do you have a working rss-feed address for your podcasts? Thank you.

4 years ago

Since your cover feature is a lady boy, I figure I should share what I just came across… Amazing Vocal Cord Surgery Before & After There’s a Vocal Feminization Surgery Center in South Korea! Plan your trip today, because they are busy, busy, busy! Who knew?! Very little shocks me these days, but this did. Here is the link to Yeson (the center in Seoul), where you can watch vids of all the men you never wanted to see sound like women because they have had their vocal cords ”corrected”, to match their gender of course. I’m still not sure if surgeons just cut apart the man’s vocal cords, shortening them, or something to that effect, or if they are removing the mans… Read more »

4 years ago

Don’t be wet blankets. The groyper war is good because it’s helping to publicize the rift between well intentioned young nationalists and the Israeli coopted Neocon leaders in the “conservative” movement. Let the kids have fun heckling the crap of these Neocon scumbags. Be nice to them because they are the audience you will be coopting soon. Sit back and get the popcorn out and enjoy the show and show good will to these young college kids.

Reply to  renegade
4 years ago

Hear! Hear! Actually they’re worse than retarded.

Reply to  Mary
4 years ago

To add… Buying into & accepting the left/right party politics system that was designed for & given to you to mask the fact that you are ruled over is the big hurdle that most people “choose” not to get over. It’s a testament to just how deeply programmed most people are. Most rebels aren’t REAL rebels. Just about every “choice” most people make is for something that was manufactured for them to keep them in one pigeon-hole or another & therefore “managed”. True rebels or renegades make up only a tiny fraction of any society & you will never know who most of them are. Not that many in the majority couldn’t break out of their programming – just that most “choose” not to &… Read more »

Reply to  Paul
4 years ago

Have any of these “groypers” confronted Trump about his love for israel? No. And they won’t.

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