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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Benjamin is an actor employed by our jewish supremacist overlords to be the friendly face and “voice of reason,” in this nationalist freak-fest.

He won the role, got the gig and is their latest rising star (of david), in this scripted netanyahu-flix drama. Don’t fall for his child-rape excuse hasbara.

PS Thanks Kyle. Loving me sum-a-dat Lil Pharma Brown, countree & bes’ weston – yeee ha! Btw, that’s not thunder, it’s mead tankards slamming in support for you, Sinead and your little one.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

This’RebootTheRealm’ guy was trying to pay us $100 to interview Benjamin hahaha I told him to take a hike. Okay, I used the f word, but whatever.

5 years ago

Benjamin is already backing off of the Jews. He promotes this Vox Day character, who promotes milo fagopolis. The easiest way to spot false profits, is to look to who they associate with , eg. Adam green and his buddy Jake Morephonyass. I noticed Adam was blocking comments questioning his association, and their honeymoon to Israel.

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