Roundup: Stand Strong in Trying Times (2-8-20)

Kyle talks about some recent developments, like how “White nationalists” are trying to turn teenage boys gay, how the FBI considers pro-Whites to be like ISIS, and how the Coronavirus was “predicted” by Netflix.

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Parthian Tactics
4 years ago

perhaps it really is time for us to start making our own content. its a shame that these insane trolls get away with their bull crap

4 years ago

I don’t blame Sinead for distancing herself from all of this, and I have to give mad props to her for keeping up with her house-cleaning in this toxic dump as long as she did. It’s unfortunate though that she’s decided to suddenly take all her content down, as this might encourage those jackals out there (no disrespect to actual jackals btw) to be more brazen in the future with their cowardly methods, now that they’re getting the results they wanted…

4 years ago

Sinead is an inspiration and her extremely hard work to provide us, total strangers on a screen, with such excellent research and marvelous music, is forever appreciated. Wishing her a time of well deserved rest and all joyous things.

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Thank you Sinead, for your bravery, sharp intelligence, talents and above all, your compassion and caring for our vulnerable children and teens. You are now doing what all mothers do in nature. You are protecting your child, husband and family home. The warrior spirit will never leave you though. That need to free an imprisoned innocent, either physically or mentally, remains. By choosing this time to nurture and care for your two fighters, you are still helping our struggle, but in a different way. You will be back when the time is right. May the gods inside all of us protect you and your family. PS These two White people are the only ones out there, actually risking their lives and liberty daily, by telling… Read more »

4 years ago

I think one main cause for this lack of involvement, is that it’s a constant stream of people coming in and then ”leaving”. It’s like a generation that comes and then goes every 5-15 months, and the generations were probably longer to begin with, but it continually gets shorter as the information creeps towards total saturation. And these people subconsciously want their new found information to ”snow ball” within a few months, and when it doesn’t they ”leave”, well before others come along; either out of boredom or perhaps fear. I think there are a lot of people out there that are jew wise, but they’ve become ”bored” with it. Now there’s a bunch of people who casually mention WN or kikes now and again,… Read more »

Reply to  Jötunnomachy
4 years ago

I’m not referring to Sinead, if that’s what people think, just to what Kyle said about ”then” as compared to ”now” in relation to things like traffic. So how does one explain that despite there being more people than ever who are now jew wise, that there’s not as much ”involvement”, relatively speaking? Or did I say something that upset a kike, the truth perhaps, or was it a ”suggestion”? ”RenegadeTribune2”? Maybe bring back old hosts and perhaps writers (Varg? he could be a shill, and I don’t know the exact history with him and this website) to Renegade, if possible. Taking a 21 day break from both websites. Letting others now that they can write articles and do shows; though perhaps have an article… Read more »

Neil Haworth
4 years ago

I can’t imagine what you guys have been through with old hosts turning against the network, targeted harassement and censorship but I’m still hopeful Sinead will come back doing her shows. I took much value and learned a lot from it, I’m sure several other people did as well and I’m also sure she still has a lot more to share. I wish you all the best of luck for the future.

4 years ago

Thank you Sinead for being an inspiration to white women and getting the truth out there. For what it’s worth coming from an internet stranger, I think you are very brave, resilient, and skilled at what you do. Your work is much appreciated. Take care and enjoy some rest and time with your loved ones.

4 years ago

Well even if it seems futile thanks for keeping this site running. Only thing I’ve listened to for the past couple years. As depressing as it was for me to go from being somewhat excited in the 2014/early15 era(when I was just getting into all of this) to see(think) there were actually people fighting the ‘system’. Thinking there were people who cared about the future of European generations. Then the reality of finding out basically the entire movement is full of feds,shills,degenerates,jews,faggots,retards. ect. As hard as it’s been for me, someone who has put nothing on the line, I can’t imagine what it’s been like for you guys dealing with this first hand for the better part of a decade. So for what it’s worth… Read more »

4 years ago

First off, a huge thank you to Sinead. My family and I will continue to support Heathen Herbs as long as it is up and running. That being said, thanks and support are wonderful, but it is cowardly to keep standing by letting Kyle and Sinead take all of the risk. Every decent person here has something unique that they can offer. It doesn’t have to be what Kyle, Sinead, or C.G. is already doing. Let’s get creative. It is a fine line between using the content on this site to inform oneself and complacency. The evil in this world is coming for us whether we are hiding behind Renegade or not. I look forward to picking up that torch and seeing others do the… Read more »

4 years ago

Thanks for everything Sinead, take care of the most important things in your life especially you and your family. Looks like tabitha and callwen couldn’t handle the exposé you did a few days ago. Too many phonies and literal retards in this movement. We’re too deep in this crap to stop now, so we need to proceed and finish this dirty work with Kyle. Love all of you, keep fighting the good fight.

4 years ago

There are just no words, as Sinead’s voice was one of the first I heard speak on these issues. If anybody in Iowa wants to get off the couch and commiserate with me, get in touch. Circle of blue at protonmail.

4 years ago

A huge thank you for everything you’ve put out so far Sinead. It really is appreciated by many people out here who feel your energy for what it is. With your talent, will & intelligence combined with your obvious fighting spirit failure was never even an option to begin with! Tactical withdrawal is as bona fide a fighting tactic as any so the enemy be damned for believing otherwise! Onward & upward!

4 years ago

Hi Sinead and Kyle, I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I saw that the ‘Bitchute’ channel and Sineads poscast and articles are gone……. I’ve been following you guys since 2014-ish and really do appreciate all that you do to bring truth to those of us that actually care. Whatever the situation is, just know that what you have brought to the table is invaluable and has served to inform all of us about the persistent threat that exists around every corner. Best Regards always. Michael

4 years ago

I’ve been listening to Kyle since his earliest blog days in the Stinkcrosphere, with a brief hiatus to find him with the creation of Hellstorm and Renegade, where the final piece of the conspiracy puzzle was had.
He and Sinead are irreplaceable and have blown my mind continuously with their ability to flesh out the shills, as this whole movement is insanely complex when first introduced.
You 2 are wise beyond your years.
Keep growing that family strong Sinead and don’t stop singing in the kitchen / garden 😉
You’re true family is still out here and not swayed by the come and go retards no matter how hard they try.
Love you both.

adrian holliday
4 years ago

In the truth movement from JFK to 911 to Jewry never emotionally invest in anyone… take ppl for what their worth…if you want to socialise that is fine but always be guard if not you leave yourself open and get to close your going to be compromised and only have yourself to blame…the Jevv they throwing billion$ into provocateur’s, disnfo, there are thousands of psy-ops running at any given time..intuition takes time to learn and being bit over and over is part and parcel of the game I’m afraid..never the less I have been listening to this station for a few years and gained a lot of knowledge and a big thank you for that

4 years ago

Keep it up Sinead! Come back soon! We need you.

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