Solar Storm: A Tour Through Our Troubled Times (6-16-19)

Kyle talks about many issues: Father’s Day, Yahweh, Daddy Trump’s “open door” invasion, the Iran rhetoric, “anti-semitism” on the rise, rainbow degeneracy and tyranny, genocidal programming, and mentally disturbed youngsters.

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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

I want reparations for the 1948 invasion of my land, by blacks from the Carribean, having arrived on “our” spoils-of-war ship: hmt empire windrush. The obese jew Churchill, opened the gates to non-Whites, and the start of the EU.

Twenty one years later, in 1969, my youngest sister, who was seven, made the city newspaper for being physically attacked and bullied. She was the only White girl left in a class of 18 blacks and indians. Thanks jewish supremacists.

PS Diversity is just: Die-First-Whitey! Two hours of facts and truth – thanks Kyle. Belated Happy Father’s day to you, and all the good White men out there.

4 years ago

I think Africans (Moors) & Arabs should pay reparations for holding white European slaves for over a thousand years (2.5x longer than what blacks are crying about). Or how about Turks making up for bastardizing and genociding the once so beautiful Greeks? And the puppet “Greek” politicians obviously instead cry about alleged German war crimes asking for reparations (just like Poland too) every single year when they got genocided real good by the Turks. Not that I’d care, give them some billions, at least we got less for the invaders then lol.

Reply to  omgitswittmann
4 years ago

They should certainly pay reparations, and blacks were never Moors. There was race mixing among Moors.

4 years ago

93PUNX, Vic Mensa – Camp America

Reply to  golmash
4 years ago

Holy shit. That is terrifying.

4 years ago

It appears that you do not want people to listen or participate, how is this a real thing at this point? Seriously – how do you justify the effort at this point? WEIRD (fun word – weird- look into its history!)

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