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5 years ago

Jeffree Star and Sandra Bullock must be related, they have the same face, only one of them has been a well paid lifetime actwhore.. the other was another everyday angry child, who covered his body in ink mistakes, and then when he realized how foolish he looked, (and probably from feeling so unwell from toxic ink overload), decided that the next thing to do for attention, was to pretend to be a degenerate woman.
Here’s an article where the e-celeb is attempting to reoptimize his fan base potential by pathetically apologizing for being an angry white teen male.
The younger boy Billie Eilish is the new Calvin Klein spokesperson living ”my truth”. How cohencidental..

5 years ago

Another spirited roundtable! I very much enjoyed it.

2 years ago

1:24:00 was very heartfelt

Last edited 2 years ago by whosees
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