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Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

Welcome back Renegade. Good for the Belgian town of Aalst, they should keep it up.
This is a bit “off-topic” (not quite). It has been news during the last few days but it seems to have gone under the radar a bit:

‘Harvey Weinstein found Guilty of Sexual Assault & Rape’

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

‘Aalst, Belgium: Carnival With Anti-Semitic Tropes Goes Ahead’ | BitChute

4 years ago

Black fighters and athletes.Every championship fight the race angle was brought up. “Highly selected Black athletes” was a term constantly thrown around. Now, for the past 20 years or so, White fighters, Russian, East European and now Irish, have owned the ring. And suddenly “race” is not a factor. The Klitschko brothers, Ukrainians, are both dominating heavyweights having beaten numerous Black opponents. Both also hold Phd’s and are highly intelligent and decent. Compare them to our American Black champions of the past, with their 70 IQ’s and long and colorful criminal histories. Why is this not brought up and shown to our youth as an example? Instead I’m hearing Whites drone that “this is not about race” “race was not a factor”, etc. What a… Read more »

Will Wood
4 years ago

Black fighters generally have long arms. So they usually outreach most White fighters. But when they have to face someone with a longer reach than them, they perform just as bad as anyone with a shorter reach. Tyson Fury had the reach and knew how to box, and it showed.

4 years ago

Great show! Glad you made a speedy tech recovery.

While I find most white athletes to be either dopey, passive christians or swaggering wigger wannabes, I enjoy it immensely when they prevail and make the basic brown types and their white apologists eat their words about the invincible negro ‘atleet’.

I consider whites’ emulation of black/latino athletes and celebrities to be despicable but it’s a surefire way to see who in our herd will be culled first!

Abrahamic religions are the unparalleled scourge of the planet followed closely by Communism and Capitalism. They are living proof that mind viruses also mutate.

Never mind the herbs, listening to bible story crap is a sure way to cure constipation!!

4 years ago

A good question is what’s the best strategy when fighting black fighters? Considering biological differences too.

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