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Steve the bicyclist
4 years ago

No matter who wins, America loses. Shows like this remind me why I quit using television! While this comment isn’t about current news, someone might find it useful. It’s about strategy. As far as I can tell, we are being forced to play by their rules. Perhaps someone can find a more effective strategy for us? If you wondering why they destroy our past… “The future is in the past. Actually there is an Arabic proverb to that effect: he who does not have a past has no future.” From a book review @, (warning! Long article!) = there’s actually quite a lot of jewish tactics described in there. But I found it to be a difficult read. An easier read would be about… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Keep giving us these evidence-based facts, highlighting the jewish supremacists’ White genocide agenda. Renegade is like a spiritual NSDAP oil that can counter and remove these malignant, malevolent mushrooms.

Our people are currently being zombified en masse, through bagelian, vagelian, or frickin’ fagelian duping dialectics. We all have to take this natural wake-up cure quickly, because the (cancer) cell door is closing.

PS Thanks Kyle. Please support this brave man, his family and YOUR race!

Neil Haworth
4 years ago

There is this “accelerationist” movement going on now pushed by bolsheviks like jf and Richard Spencer about electing Bernie Sanders so as to accelerate the downfall and then I read news of russia helping his campaign, it makes me think that maybe that was the goal all along: elect Donald Trump with the intention of radicalizing the left so a communist can become president.

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

“Blue cap vs Red cap” judeomasonic Trump & Judy Show. Yesterday I stumbled across Renegade Tribune’s wikipedia entry. I didn’t even know it existed:

Some of these so-called “White Nationalist” Trumptards are still supporting their “God Emperor”. I don’t know if I should call it “masochism” or simply Stockholm syndrome. We’ll see how much they love their idol with feet of clay when things get even worse.

4 years ago

Don’t forget that (((Bernie’s))) family was …. (in a Jew York Brooklyn accent)…”Slaughtuuud in da Howlowcaust”!!

Yeah Eppstein is undoubtedly in Israel…. the jewish mafia safe haven.

4 years ago

At 25:00 In regards to the El Paso Walmart False Flag, there is a video of a mestizo lady speaking Spanish (likely an illegal) saying she witnessed multiple shooters, approximately 3, wearing all black and firing military grade rifles. If the shooting actually did happen and people were murdered, it would make sense for there to be multiple shooters since the number of dead was so high. I’m skeptical that one young civilian would murder that many people with only one semi-automatic rifle, in Texas of all places.

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